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  • Herbal tea N ° 059: Remedy to unblock Fallopian tubes naturally

    Blocked trunks, Recipe to unblock blocked trunks with plants. Discover the natural remedy that unblocks blocked tubes.

    • 37 ratings.

    30,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea 010: Fibroids,myomas, how to get rid of quickly

    Fibroids, myomas, natural treatment to heal them without surgery . This remedy eliminates fibroids and myomas from the body in a short time.

    • 23 ratings.

    30,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea 046: Hepatitis B Remedy, Natural Hepatitis B Treatment

    Natural treatment to cure Hepatitis B. The effectiveness of this herbal tea is confirmed. It is the best herbal remedy against Hepatitis. The remedy cures Hepatitis B. Be reassured

    • 18 ratings.

    30,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea N°050 : Male sterility, oligo-azoospermia

    Male infertility. Male sterility. The 050 herbal tea makes the man's sperm very fertile and fruitful. The remedy works and is not expensive. Discover its composition

    • 9 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea 060: Female infertility, remedy to get pregnant

    We have one of the best remedies for a woman to get pregnant and to be a happy mother. It is an excellent remedy to get  baby.

    • 35 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • herb tea 058 : Varicocele Natural Treatment Varicocele

    Varicocele, causes, natural remedy varicocele. Find out here the cause, treatment and recommendations. This is the best remedy for varicocele.

    • 27 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea N°28 : Supersex, original kankankan, natural viagra

    Delay ejaculation, Recipe to bandage hard for a long time. Herbal tea to fuck better. Herbal tea to hold on during intercourse. Please discover the secret.

    • 23 ratings.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea 280: Hepatitis C effective and Natural Remedy

    Hepatitis C: Definition Cause Natural Remedy Hepatitis C. You have a unique opportunity to eliminate the Hepatitis C virus from your body. Do not hesitate.We offer you the best remedies to treat hepatitis C in short time.

    • 1 rating

    30,00€ excl. tax