01-Micropenis: Notion

01-Micropenis: The small penis syndrome or locker room syndrome.

 The "locker room syndrome", is the fact of the man who has a small sex when he is erect. He realizes it quickly at a certain age in certain situations and can suffer dangerously from it. There is no shortage of situations to compare before the first sexual intercourse. One way or another he will realise it, will be sick in the head and will begin by comparing the size of his penis to that of others out of curiosity and for certainty. Comparing himself with his classmates in the locker room, or with men with large visible and very noticeable genitals will create a kind of complex in him.  The young boy becomes aware of this especially at the age of puberty, after a first intercourse or even in a couple on complaint of Madam and this can create a complex in his head with serious consequences on his sexual life. This can result in premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and erectile dysfunction, while his penis can function well despite its small size.  Since the erection is dependent on the brain, any form of stress has a negative effect on sexual performance and perhaps everything was fine before.

 Most men have an average penis size when erect, but in others it is big and too big and in a minority it is small and very small. But be careful, your penis may be very small at rest and yet of normal erect size and that's what counts.  If it works well and your girlfriend or wife is excited about it, don't worry and don't worry about creating an anxiety-provoking situation that might weaken you. It has been proven that 50% of erectile dysfunction problems are psychological and can be avoided.

 It is true that some men have very small penises at rest and erect, that is to say, micropenises, and the truth is that it is difficult not to worry about them no matter how strong you are, even if it has nothing to do with your virility or fertility. Your girlfriend will complain if she doesn't cum with you in bed and that's where the problem will come from. I know women who have abandoned their husbands just for the smallness of the penis to avoid leading a double life.  It is difficult for a man to find himself permanently in such a situation. Men who have small penises readily admit that they are ashamed to have sex. But don't worry, there is always a solution to restore your penis to the size and girth it needs and if you suffer from this problem make a decision to switch to tonisex GP as it is one of the best remedies at the moment.

Please refer to the table below to find out where you stand.
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Table for information purposes

Size in cm





Too big

Length at rest

3 to 5

5 to 12

12 to 14

14 to 18

19 and more

Size at rest

3 to 4

5 to 10

11 to 14

14 to 17

17 and more

Erected length

5 to 10

11 to 15

14 to 17

18 to 26

27 and more

Erection size

4 to 7

8 to 12

12 to 15

15 to 20

20 and more

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