Micro-pénis: Que faire?

Now what to do?

Micropenis: What to do? Development programme. First of all, you need to know that there are several alternatives to make your penis bigger, longer and wider with good sexual performance. There are external mechanical methods, internal methods and surgical methods.

-The surgical method

 V.Micropenis: What to do... Development programme It consists of removing the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone. This lengthens the penis by just 2 cm and has no effect on its size, not to mention the risk of erectile dysfunction that this can cause. In addition, for the thickness, silicone or other products must be injected into the penis and scrotum. The goal is then to increase the circumference of the penis at rest without really worrying about the strong erection in the carnal act. You should know that every man in the world can enlarge his penis at any time in his life, but you have to choose the right method and that's the difference.

   -The principle of traction

 One of the non-surgical methods of penis enlargement is to use the principle of traction applied with a non-invasive external device called a penile extender. The extender keeps the stretched penis in a flaccid state for specified periods of time. Thus, the application of a continuous and progressive traction force could lengthen the penis both in erection and at rest but has no effect on the size of the penis.  It is not easy to wear a device that stretches the penis all the time under clothing, not to mention the risks of irreversible damage to the penis. And if the suspensors give results on the length, the same goes for stretching exercises.


This is another form of traction and swelling of the penis through stretching and vasocongestion. You should know that there are different models of penis pumps on the market. The principle is to suck blood into the penis and force it to stay there by placing a ring at the base of the penis. This helps to create an erection but does not increase the size of the penis if it is not repeated an infinite number of times over a long period of time, not to mention the risk of skin irritation.  Some penis pumps may be sold under the pretext that they will increase the size of the penis. In fact, they only increase the blood pressure in the penis, which temporarily increases the volume of the penis. It is actually just an erection, so the penis will not be bigger than a naturally occurring erection and the ring must be removed within a maximum of 30 minutes or it will be irreversibly damaged. Out with your own hands and a good grip of the base of the penis with the sign ok, you have all the effects of the pump plus many other vital effects for your penis and why not learn to take control of your sex life once and for all. Sign up for our sex life programme now. There is only benefit.

So be objective and patient with natural methods because no muscles form in a day and the three chambers of your penis need time to grow. You can't avoid the exercises you didn't do enough of in your early childhood if you want to safely increase the size of your penis. People are very tolerant and quite patient with modern medicine but impatient with natural methods. They want results right away, within a few days, which is impossible.

-The exercises

You have two basic techniques called jelq and kegel based on strengthening the PC muscle, penis milking, massage of the penis, perineum, pubic area; friction, twisting and stretching of the penis, etc. What makes the difference is the specificity of the approach in our programme. You will learn gestures that you won't see in any other enlargement programme. The stretching and balancing exercises will act on length, the massages, friction and twisting will act on thickness and blood circulation, so your penis will obviously be long and thick as most women want it to be.  It is well known that all men and women in the world prefer larger penises. The woman is much more satisfied with a larger penis, and the man is much more confident and successful with a larger penis size because he can occupy the middle and enjoy the thrill. But you need to learn and understand because it's not about pulling, swinging, massaging, rubbing the penis anyhow, sign up for the programme to see clearly in the situation. There are simple gestures that can change your whole life.


-The way of life

 The first thing to do to ensure fast and healthy penis enlargement is to change your lifestyle in every respect. You need to improve your quality of life, reduce sources of tension, avoid bad habits, wear loose underwear, sleep naked, integrate a few simple gestures into your life. You need to rest, relax, wear loose underwear and sleep naked in order to facilitate the natural movements of the penis (nocturnal erection, morning erection, swinging, stretching, twisting, etc). The word stretching sounds banal, but the effects are indescribable and you will understand what I'm talking about as soon as you join the programme, which has a lot to give you for only 30 euros. It is worth following and you will be amazed at the results.

 Start by monitoring your diet. Eat less fat, eat more organic protein, drink plenty of water and consume what is beneficial to good blood circulation. Fat and good circulation don't mix. Fat and a strong erection don't mix either. Fat causes many vascular problems and therefore slows down your natural penis enlargement process. Choose lean protein, fibre, micronutrients and essential natural nutrients recommended by sexologists to ensure fast and natural penis enlargement. Ask for more information. Read and dig deeper to understand. 

 With a good diet and energy you will be able to accelerate your penis enlargement, so have regular physical or sports activity to strengthen your blood circulation and provide your body with more energy. Walk, shop, move to eliminate fat and build muscle. Take dietary supplements such as tonisex or other supplements that are within your reach, but make the right choice without the bad publicity. Don't be influenced by false testimonials. Make your own experience.

 According to sexologists, certain bad habits such as alcohol and cigarettes may slow down your penis enlargement process, so avoid smoking too much, reduce your alcohol or drug consumption and eat a balanced diet. Alcohol in moderate doses is tolerated, but cigarettes have no place in a healthy diet.  These elements prevent the blood from circulating properly in your penile vessels and therefore impair the desired results of your natural penis enlargement. A correct lifestyle is very important when following an enlargement programme.

-The supplements .

Micropenis: What to do - Development programme. In order to put the penis in the best conditions for enlargement it is necessary to combine a food supplement such as our tonisex GP, studied for this purpose. We also have tonisex GP soap and cream for the same use. With all these elements you will have satisfactory results in 4 months of assiduous treatment. Put all the chances on your side to accelerate the process.

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 Now, if you are strong of character, and if Madam does not complain, so much the better. But if it stresses you out, you must act and your wife will be the happiest. Study each method knowing that each solution has its advantages and risks. In addition, solutions with immediate effects have more risks than natural methods, which for the most part give slow but safe and very safe results. Since the penis is made up of a chamber to enlarge and not of muscle, it is better to opt for a natural and safe solution that combines exercises and supplements. Exercises and supplements used separately and alone give satisfactory results but the duration of the treatment is long and sometimes very long, between 8 and 13 months and you may well get discouraged. It is best to opt for a combination of the two, which will considerably reduce the duration of the treatment. Indeed, by combining the two methods, the exercises act from the outside and the food supplements act from the inside for quick and admirable results. This is the very basis of our programme, and you can't fail.




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