11-Three axes to boost sexual energy, hard bandage

Three axes to release your sexual energy

- The length

- Thickness

- Sexual performance

Three axes to release your sexual energy. A man quickly becomes aware of his sexual state: hair, size, girth, semen, erection, etc. as soon as he reaches puberty and starts asking himself real questions by instinctively comparing the size of his penis with that of his peers. Men think that all women look the same and that the main difference is in the breasts, breasts and buttocks. But be careful, it's more complex than that from the inside because not all vaginas have the same pressure, tenacity and tone.  It's easy to convince yourself of this.

 Three axes to release your sexual energy. The man will find his penis too small, small, medium, normal, big and sometimes too much and this can create a complex in his head, a lack of confidence or something else that can affect his sexual performance and relationships in the future. This can lead to a complex towards women, a problem of premature ejaculation and many other erectile dysfunction problems that he will have to deal with on his own because parents are rarely associated in this area by taboo.

He will quickly become aware of this after his first sexual intercourse, if he takes the plunge or when he is in a couple. From then on he will ask himself real questions about his inability to satisfy his wife properly. A sex that is too small will hardly lead a woman to orgasm no matter how hard you try and how willing you are. It is very frustrating and from frustration to frustration the lack of confidence will set in and for fear of not satisfying women, he will slowly and surely lose his libido or his wife will lose hers. His husband will only be useful to him for procreation. Sex is sweet but unfortunately she will never experience this sweetness with her husband's penis. She tells herself that she is not alone and many women experience this situation as a source of much tension, even causing adultery and divorce.

 Three ways to release your sexual energy. Indeed, in a couple, the fact that the woman does not come makes her very nervous and frigid. A life as a couple without sexual intercourse will settle down out of disgust and they will get closer only to give birth without the pleasure of sex. Sexual intercourse, far from being a party, becomes a chore and God forbid.  Unfortunately, these cases are legion nowadays and that men who have a small penis don't panic, there is a solution to change your sex life and in return your whole life. You are not alone. Rest assured. We will help you.

 Many men are in this small penis situation and there is always a solution. There are natural solutions for every problem of sex and to make the penis bigger there are many that give wonderful results but the treatments are often long and very long. Rare methods that combine exercises and stimulating herbal teas give excellent results in a short period of time. You should therefore look for the right solution for your situation.

 You have to look for and find the right one. You have made the right choice to be on this site and you will not be disappointed because you are not alone, you are not the first and you will not be our last patient. Many have changed their sex life thanks to God through our methods which combine several natural penis enlargement and penis enlargement techniques. You should not miss this unique opportunity you have to change your sexuality for good in a short period of time.

Herbal teas work from the inside on the small blood vessels of the penis, providing the penis with everything it needs for its harmonious development and mechanical techniques consisting of special exercises and massages act from the outside on the different parts of your sexual organ in the form of special muscles to give you very satisfactory results in a short time.

First of all, you should reassure yourself that your problem can be easily solved if you give yourself the psychological and psychic means to do so. These means are not financial, no, they are in your head. You will have to show an iron will to reach your goal. But your life will be considerably improved as a result. Above all, measure your penis because it may be of normal size while you think it is small.

Size in cm





Too large

Length at rest

3 to 5

5 to 12

12 to 14

14 to 18

19 and more

Size at rest

3 to 4

5 to 10

11 to 14

14 to 17

17 and more

Erected length

5 to 10

11 to 15

14 to 17

18 to 26

27 and more

Erection size

4 to 7

8 to 12

12 to 15

15 to 20

20 and more


 Situate yourself in this table and make your life choice if the size of your penis is below 10 cm in erection. Be well motivated without losing sight of your goal. Imagine your life if, from a sexual point of view, everything was perfect. If you could make a woman come without any problems. If you were no longer afraid to show off your penis. If, just by looking at it, your partner was aroused. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

And even in your life with your friends, or your colleagues at work, you would have more self-confidence, you would feel more masculine, more manly, you would become a man, a real man with a big H .

Note:11-Three axes to boost sexual energy. Hard bandage

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