Hemorrhoids natural treatment by plants (ovum)


Hemorrhoids natural treatment by plants and clay in the form of an egg. We offer you an ovule to treat and cure haemorrhoids permanently. Discover the suppository that heals haemorrhoids at the root. The product tones the haemorrhoidal veins. External and internal haemorrhoids are naturally cured in this way. The product relieves haemorrhoidal veins quickly. The suppository completely absorbs the haemorrhoidal tumour. It is a good remedy against the disease. Please discover the absorbent properties of the remedy.




Plant extracts


Antioxidant, astringent, absorbent

Active ingredients

Tannins, heteroside, flavonoids, etc.


Bag of 10

Instructions for use

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Side effects


Duration of treatment

long duration


30 euros

Presentation Bags of 10 eggs


Absorbent, anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

Active ingredients

Anti-inflammatory, absorbent tannins, etc.

Price: 30 €.

Therapeutic effects 

Hemorrhoids natural treatment with plants and clay. The product slowly and surely absorbs the anal tumour until complete reduction. Relief is immediate. It is an excellent remedy for internal and external haemorrhoids. It is absolutely necessary to associate our suppository with any haemorrhoidal treatment.


External haemorrhoids, internal haemorrhoids

Instructions for use :

In the evening at bedtime, pass the shea butter on a suppo and push it completely into the anus. Keep overnight to drain the next day.

Note: How to get rid of haemorrhoids. Discover the suppository that treats haemorrhoids at the root. The product tones the haemorrhoidal veins.


The ovum is a complex product because it is a mixture of plants and clay and it requires know-how. We have a training for this but you can use this simple remedy.

Make small balls from a mixture of shea butter and securida longepedunculata root (kpèta do in goun and yorouba in Benin and Dioro in Bambara RCI MALI snake tree in French).

Directions for use: Harden in a cool place and use as a bedtime supplement in the evening.






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