Natural Remedy for Sexual Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction

Natural remedy for sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction. Le Remède Bio 028 : Natural product against sexual impotence, Supersex is the king of aphrodisiacs effective against premature ejaculation. Wherever Supersex goes, never premature ejaculation. It is also a long-lasting pleasure, an unforgettable success and it always rebounds. Thus, with supersex, no premature ejaculation. It is always a sex assured in the duration with a good recovery. Supersex is a good remedy against premature ejaculation, sexual breakdowns, impotence, low libido, sexual weakness. Supersex is also a powerful mixed aphrodisiac, made for the couple in order to last a long time in bed without fatigue during and after the carnal act. It is an original formula used by Kings and traditional chiefs to manage their plethora of wives. Indeed, each traditional chief had at least 40 wives to manage on a daily basis. Making love on a daily basis is not simple in the long run.

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Note: There are only organic herbs that are not toxic for the kidneys and you can rest assured that you are using Supersex every day for the happiness of the couple. Supersex is a natural non-toxic aphrodisiac, with no side effects and no risk of overdose. Good in couple.

Beneficial effects of Remedy Bio 028: Natural product against sexual impotence
Taking regular super sex alone or as a couple maximizes sexual desire and frequency of sexual intercourse. Supersex ensures the duration of the carnal act, sexual stamina, multiple orgasm. Supersex eliminates definitively from a man's life, sexual breakdowns, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

Data sheet of Remedy Bio 028 : Natural product against sexual impotence.




Organic plant extracts



Active ingredients

Tannins, heteroside, sterols, trace elements, etc.


 Frigidity, sexual weakness, low libido, soft erection, fatigue, impotence, frequent sexual breakdown.


powder in sachets or jars

Instructions for use

Read the notice

Side effects

Spicy taste

Duration of treatment

7 days renewable at will


50 euros

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Note Afrique-tisane N°28: Supersex king of sex provides a steel-hard erection that lasts for more than 45 minutes. Good for sexual intercourse


-Powder in 50 g sachets.


-Plant extracts

Active ingredients

---Micronutrients: vitamins of the B, C, and E group, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, plant hormones, amino acids, resins, etc.

-Stimulating, exciting, uplifting, repulsive, toning, etc...

Price : 50 €.

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Therapeutic effects of the powder Natural remedy against sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction
-The product has exciting, stimulating properties on the erogenous centres and has an activity similar to that of the hormones that influence the sexual sphere. The product contains substances that act not only on the sexual organs, but above all on the brain. The mind is awakened and thus acts of love are more original and creative. The product combats impotence and frigidity by acting on the spinal cord and stimulating the pelvic parasympathetic centre, which activates the mechanism of the erector nerves and secretions.

- The powder reinforces vitality, increases physical and mental endurance, promotes learning and memory functions. The powder promotes alertness, combats stress, tiredness, insomnia, promotes nervous relaxation, production of organic liquids, strengthens the will, determination and self-confidence.  The product will be of service to everyone in case of fatigue, lack of appetite, cold, etc.

-Due to the diuretic effect of the product, the active ingredients, especially essential oils and resins, expelled with the urine, cause irritation of the urino-genital tract with vascular congestion and stimulate nerve receptors which indirectly, facilitate a hard and long erection. They also stimulate nerve receptors and activate the act of erection.  These same active ingredients stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot in women by the same mechanism, resulting in a long-lasting and persistent erotic action.

Instructions for use

-Take a teaspoonful of the powder in a homogeneous mixture of honey + lemon juice.

- Take a teaspoonful of the powder in half a glass of liquid (water, virgin coconut juice, liqueur, champagne, white wine, sweetened lemon water, cup of cocoa, sweet tea, etc.) 30 minutes to 1 hour before carnal action.

- Chew four pinches of the powder and drink a liquid from it (water, liquor, coconut juice, champagne, sweetened lemon water, white wine, cup of cocoa, sweet tea, etc.), 30 minutes before the carnal act.

-You can also take the powder in oyster or meat broth.

-It is necessary to take the powder in a soy or whole rice porridge.

-You can also take the powder in a homogeneous mixture of olive oil and lemon.

-You can chew the powder with a little chocolate or cheese.

-Or take the powder in yogurt or honey.

- Or take the powder in a potion of 3 well beaten quail eggs.

-You can take the powder in a homogeneous mixture of olive oil.

Note: Vary the grips to appreciate the evolution of your sexual instinct and your performance in bed. Supersex, improves your libido, your sexual performance, stimulates your sexual pleasure, fights frigidity and sexual fatigue of the couple. You will regain your youthful sexual instincts. To be used as a couple for shared enjoyment. Once the mission is well accomplished, a bilateral sleep will follow for a perfect recovery. So do not be afraid of the next day to work out, for each other. You can use the powder every day in your different dishes. Good for seasoning sauces, fries, broths, etc.

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