Natural Remedy Frigidity, sexual impotence, low libido.

Product description
Natural remedy for frigidity, sexual impotence, low libido or herbal tea 20 in soap.  It is a mixed aphrodisiac product for men and women for a pleasure shared between lovers in bed. The product combats frigidity, low libido and sexual weakness. It facilitates sexual pleasure and multiple orgasms.  It is full love without fatigue. You have lost your libido, you don't cum in bed anymore, so react quickly because you have the solution at hand.

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Technical data sheet




Black soap


 Frigidity, sexual weakness, low libido, soft erection, impotence, frequent sexual breakdown.


 Invigorating and stimulating sex, etc.

Active ingredients

Plant sterols very rich in phytoestrogens


Well packaged black soap

Instructions for use

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Side effects


Duration of treatment

At will


20 euros

Note Remedy Bio020 :  Soap and recipes against frigidity, low libido, sexual weakness, fight against low libido, premature ejaculation. Facilitates day to day lovemaking without fatigue.


-25g black soap


-Extracts of 7 plants...

-indigenous soap...

Active ingredients

-Plant sterols.

Price : 20 €.

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 Therapeutic effects of Bio020 Remedy:  Soap and recipes against frigidity, low libido, sexual weakness. 

Our Natural Remedy for frigidity, sexual impotence, low libido or herbal tea 20 in soap. This 100% natural remedy makes both men and women want to have sex. It awakens and activates your libido. It is a libido BOOSTER for men and women. The couple will fully recover their youthful sexual frequency with a well accomplished, complete and unforgettable sexual act. Do not do this outside the couple in order to avoid possible attachment. The desire to relive the sexual act will be so intense that you risk snatching the husbands or wives of others. Try Tonisex and you will never regret it, but be careful and don't commit adultery as it may backfire on you. I would have warned you. Tonisex 2F is a good stimulant and a super sexual tonic to effectively fight impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity and anorgasmia.   Without side effects and without risk of addiction.


Frigidity, impotence and decreased libido.

Note: Tonisex 3 definitively cures sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, improves your libido, your sexual performance, stimulates your sexual pleasure, fights against frigidity and sexual fatigue of the couple. You will regain your youthful sexual instincts.

Instructions for use.


Make an intimate cleansing with soapy water by lightly rubbing the clitoris.


Every day and once a day, after showering, wash the penis with soap and a soft sponge and give it a gentle circular massage of the penis for about ten minutes.

Note: Natural remedy for frigidity, sexual impotence, low libido or herbal tea 20 in soap. You can do this to your partner and vice versa to increase the stimulating effect of the sexual organs and activate sexual secretions. Great at bedtime for a night like no other. Learn how to live your sex life as a couple and you will see how exciting it is. With time, the couple will regain all their sexual instincts and will be able to do without products. Tonisex 3 tones the vagina or penis, gives firmness to your organ, facilitates sexual pleasure and awakens your youthful sexual instincts.

Free recipe of Royal Kan kan for the same cause

Powder the mixture: ginger 30%, cinnamon 10%, clove 10% roasted peanut or klui klui 10%, pepper 10%, gouro root 30%. 

Note: Take a teaspoonful in a sweetened porridge before the shock and you will experience the third heaven as a couple. Good recipe.

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Please discover herbal tea 17, Herbal tea 18, Herbal tea 19

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