Remède Naturel Pousse Cheveux pour avoir bien des cheveux

Hair Growth Cream for lots of hair

Natural Hair Pousse Remedy to get a lot of hair. Natural Hair Remedy Hair Pousse to have a lot of hair;Remedy Natural Hair Pousse to have a lot of hair. The cream to have a lot of hair and hair that is thick, well cared for and pretty is an organic ointment. The cream for lots of hair is made of leaves and products rich in active and stimulating elements.  It contains castor oil, shea butter, garlic oil, cassia siberianna and lawsonia. 

Presentation of the cream to have a lot of hair

-Ointment in 50g jar

Composition of the hair growth cream that treats baldness Click on this link to buy

Extracts of 7 revulsive plants, rubéfiants, antioxidant, vitamin-rich stimulants, plant and growth hormones. Olive oil, nigella oil, shea butter.

Active ingredients

-Phenolic acid, betaine, phytosterols, echinacoside, selenium, vitamins A, C, E, Omega 3 and 6.

Price: 20 €.

The therapeutic effects of the cream

Natural Hair Pousse Remedy to get a lot of hair. Where nigella oil spends life reborn and added to the other ingredients, hair growth is fast and spectacular, I would say miraculous. Even in case of advanced baldness the hair will grow back wonderfully. All you have to do is to give body to your hair, to stimulate further hair growth, to strengthen existing hair, to bring it back to life. Use hair growth and leave your wig alone. The cream, due to its composition, is a great fertilizer for the scalp and your hair will grow with great certainty.


Baldness, hair loss, dry, brittle or fine hair, bald and thinning hair

 Instructions for use :

Every night at bedtime, apply to hair growth, on the scalp, insisting on the bald areas. Then tie the head and leave the product on all night long. In the morning wash the head and maintain your hair with a mild shampoo. The cream is a good fertiliser.

 Note: A few weeks are enough to have beautiful hair.

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The cream for lots of hair is an excellent and proven hair growth product. This product makes hair grow very fast.

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