Free remedy for premature ejaculation

The natural cream for a strong bandage

Natural Remedy, Free Recipe Against Premature Ejaculation or Herbal Tea 27. Free Recipe Against Premature Ejaculation. Recipe against erectile dysfunction. Free recipe for strong bending. Secret to last long in bed. The cream is simple and effectively combats sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sexual breakdowns. Good remedy against sexual weakness. Natural viagra cream for fast bending is a mixed aphrodisiac that men or women can use with great sexual satisfaction.

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Leaves, bark, roots, medicinal plants


Erection as hard as wood

Active subtances

Astringent, toning and stimulating tannins.


Frigidity, sexual weakness, decreased libido, soft erection, impotence, sexual breakdown, premature ejaculation


Ointment in jar

Side effects


Duration of treatment



20 euros

Organic remedy 027: Free recipe against premature ejaculation

Note: Natural viagra cream for strong bending facilitates sexual enjoyment and attachment between partner. Lasting relationship and good sex.

Presentation of herbal tea 027: Free recipe against premature ejaculation

- Ointment in 15ml jar

Composition of Organic Remedy 027: Free Recipe against Premature Ejaculation

- Extracts of 7 revulsive plants, rubefacents, stimulants rich in plant hormones and pheromones

-Virgin coconut oil, black seed oil, sweet almond oil, etc.

Active subtances


Active subtances

-Phenolic acid, betaine, phytosterols, echinacoside,

Price: 20 €

The therapeutic effects of the ointment.

The natural viagra cream for strong bending releases an odor which stimulates the senses and acts in an olfactory way on the encephalic nerve centers thus exalting the sexual desires. So by simply inhaling the product, your sexual senses are stimulated and by its application on the penis, on the clitoris or in the vagina, a rubefying action is obtained causing an influx of blood from the genitals and an adrenaline rush. sexual thus preparing your whole being for carnal action. The rubefacient action activates the circulation of blood in the genitourinary system by provoking the excitement of the genitals in both men and women. In cases of psychic impotence, its application to the glans facilitates erection through stimulation reflected on nerve receptors. The ointment activates the sexual secretions: prostatic fluid and semen in men and vaginal secretions in women. In case of sexual disgust the effect is truly overwhelming and the natural impulse will inevitably direct you towards your sexual partner. Good for couples who have lost their taste for sex. It unites couples and gives them back the desire to always be together. If you have a walking husband, give it a try and I'll let you enjoy the rest.


Decreased libido, disgust with sex, impotence, sexual weakness, lack of sexual secretion, insufficient sperm, vaginal dryness, etc.

Instructions for use


Spread a little ointment on the penis and massage lightly, about 30 minutes before sex.


Pass the ointment on the clitoris and into the vagina, about 30 minutes before the carnal act.

Note: The very fact of breathing the ointment turns you on.

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Note: The very fact of breathing the ointment turns you on.

Find out more on the site

The natural viagra cream for strong bending is effective against premature ejaculation, repeated sexual failures. It's good for the sexual act.

Free Recipe Against Premature Ejaculation

1- The ingredients

- Guinea pepper or xylopia aethiopica (Kpéjélé in goun and fon from Benin and Kani in Djoula RCI) = 25g

- Moringa seed = 25g

-Little colas = 25g

-Root bark of acridocarpus smeathmannii = 100g

- Black pepper = 10g

- Nutmeg seeds (100g)

-Sida veromicifolia (azo asi in goun or irritating liana) = 100g

2-Shea Butter = 500g


Transform the whole 1 into powder and mix thoroughly with shea butter Instructions for use: Massage the penis with the ointment 45 minutes before the game.

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