Treat, Cure Sickle Cell Disease Naturally with Plants


Treat, Cure Sickle Cell Disease Naturally with Plants. Treat and cure sickle cell disease naturally with herbal tea 39. The Fagara plant is the number one herb against sickle cell disease. But fagara is not alone in treating sick cell disease. Thank you for patiently discovering other herbal remedies to cure this ailment. Bio Remedy 0039: Treat and cure sickle cell disease naturally. Our good tea treats sickle cell anemia and is made, among other things, of Fagara. Our herbal tea to treat sickle cell disease also includes extracts of Calotropis Procera. I Moringa Please join your treatment. Sickle cell disease can be treated well with plants. Our herbal tea is a good cure for sickle cell anemia and consists, among other things, of the proven Fagara. Our herbal tea to treat sickle cell anemia also consists of extracts of calotropis procéra. I am Moringa and please associate me with your treatment


-Powder in 50g sachet.


-Vasodilator organic plant extracts, antioxidants, depuratives and diuretics (fagara, lannea, securidaca, Pterocarpus, aframomum meleguetta, calotropis, etc.)

Active subtances

-Vasodilator, diuretic and depurative elements.

Price: 30 €

Therapeutic effects of the powder

Treat, Cure Sickle Cell Disease Naturally with Plants. Indeed because of its great vasodilator, depurative and diuretic power, this remedy unclogs the vessels, facilitates the migration of red blood cells, quickly alleviates pain in the patient while properly cleaning the arteries, veins and vessels. A blood circulation is well activated. It is the ideal unblocker in sickle cell attacks. It rids the body of various toxins, bad cholesterol. It does so with selective intelligence, by not destroying the good cholesterol. It is necessary to clear arteries, veins and vessels to facilitate the good migration of sickle red blood cells. The disease does not disappear, of course, but the crises will be well spaced whether the patient is AS, SS, SC or others. The powder is a treasure trove of active elements which provides the organism with all the precious micro-nutrients which the body has need in general and red blood cells in particular in order to compensate for blood deficiencies. It is a complex of plants that you will not find anywhere else, it is a food medicine (food).


Sickle cell disease, rheumatism, gout, etc.

Directions for use

Take a level teaspoonful of powder in the middle of the meal, twice a day. Half-dose in children under ten years old.

Note: we do not cure the disease, but our herbal tea to treat sickle cell disease attenuates crises, space crises, facilitates good oxygenation and migration of red blood cells to allow sickle cell patients to live better until old age.

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