Herbal tea 004: Mycosis, skin diseases,herpes, vaginitis

Mycosis, herpes, vaginitis are dead with this cream. The fungal infection is permanently finished with this cream. This cream is important for everyone because you do not know what time the fungal attack of the skin.

Presentation of Remedy 004: Mycosis, skin diseases,herpes, vaginitis
- Pomade of green color, with the image of theplants used.
- Pot of 25ml

- Extracted from plants (neem, cassia alata,coconuts will nucifera, Aloe vera, mint,Mitragyna, aframomum meleguette, etc)
- shea butter, olive oil, petroleum jelly, etc

Active ingredients
Tannins, heteroside, fungicides, etc
Price: 20 €

Beneficial effects

Natural Remedy Skin Diseases, Fungus, Herpes, Vaginitis is an antifungal, antibiotic and antiseptic balm. This ointment is very effective against most skin diseases: mycoses, dermatoses, vaginitis, eczema, shingles, pimples, abscesses, varicose veins, stretch marks, ringworm, ringworm, etc... It cures and heals almost all skin diseases. It works well against frigidity and premature ejaculation, facilitates a deep enjoyment in women and brings partners closer together. Women will benefit greatly in keeping their husbands and stabilizing their homes. Men too will obtain the same results to prevent their partners from looking elsewhere. Simple and easy to use, anyone can use it and enjoy these benefits. Wherever this ointment is used, no fungus can resist it for long and everyone should have it at home. In addition, it lubricates the vagina well, increases the sensitivity of the vagina and makes the woman more sensitive.


A few rare cases of irritation have been reported for very sensitive skin, but nothing to worry about because it goes away very quickly.

--mycoses, candidiasis, vaginites, eczema,shingles, buttons, abscess, varixes, stretch marks, tineas, scabs, itchings, scales, etc
--Premature ejaculation and frigidity.
--To pass simply on the sick parts.
--To pass a little in the vagina or on penis 30 mnbefore the act to facilitate the sexual pleasureand to fight frigidity and the premature ejaculation.

Note: The pomade is on the market since more 40 ans. This balsam showed its mettle in manyhearths and did not finish making wonders.Each one must have it at his place to actpromptly in certain circumstances. Make in theexperiment and to testify to its effectiveness.

Herbal teas 004: Skin diseases, fungus, herpes, vaginitis

Natural Remedy against skin diseases, fungus, herpes, vaginitis. The ointment completely cures skin diseases without risk of recurrence. Discover the remedy you need if you have a skin problem.

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vaginitis herpes skin diseases Mycosis



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