Gout, causes, Natural Gout Treatment to eliminate excess uric acid. In fact, we offer you a depurative herbal tea that dissolves and eliminates uric acid? The herbal tea eliminates excess uric acid in the body, calms pain and purifies the body. It is a field medicine for general well-being. Please put your complete trust in this herbal tea. Do not treat in a hurry as is so often the case. Take your time to discover the very useful information that will help you.


Gout is a chronic joint disorder caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood. It often affects joints such as knees, feet, ankles, wrists or fingers. The three diseases, arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis are all joint diseases that have inflammation in common. Arthritis and gout are the most painful. Don't confuse the three and you should consult your doctor to find out exactly what you are suffering from. No self-medication so that you don't treat one ailment instead of another. Everything that is given on site is for information only and does not replace the role of the doctor. We intervene after the diagnosis has been made.

 Role of the joints

 Gout is a disease of the joints that blocks your movements and incapacitates you. The main role of a joint is to make it easier to move and move around. Therefore, any joint condition that affects a joint makes movement really difficult.


Gout is a bad eating disease. It is a disease caused by a long-term poor diet of meat. Gout is caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the blood, tissue and urine. Uric acid is not necessarily an enemy. In normal amounts, it acts as an antioxidant almost as effectively as vitamin C. When eating meat, especially red meat and bush meat, an excess of uric acid will build up in the body over time. In order to make them less harmful and to protect the vital organs, the uric acid crystallises and migrates to the joints. As it migrates to the joints, it can cause pain, redness, heat, inflammation and sometimes even fever. This is called gout.


You should consult your doctor whenever you have a health problem. You do not have to make any deductions from the information on the site. Consult your doctor because only he or she can really help you know what you are suffering from and not self-medicate. If you have osteoarthritis or arthritis, the doctor will help you. Once the diagnosis has been made you will have the choice between chemical therapy or natural treatment.


Whether it is a medical or natural treatment, the principle remains the same. The treatment is based on chemical or natural painkillers. We have very good natural remedies for treating and curing gout. The plants involved are depurative, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant and antibiotic plants. These are plants such as fagara zanthoxylum or zanthoxylum zanthoxyloids, securidaca longepedunculata, moringa oleifera, devil's claw, boswellie, cat's claw, turmeric, ginger, grape seed and pine bark extracts, cayenne pepper, etc.

The product.

Drop, causes, natural treatment of drop. The herbal tea eliminates excess uric acid in the body. Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood. The herbal tea 195: Gout Definition causes symptoms natural treatment Relieves pain and facilitates the elimination of uric acid. It is made from pain-relieving and depurative plants. The remedy facilitates good blood irrigation, good drainage, replenishment and renewal of joint cells.


-Powder in sachets or 50g jars or in capsules


-Plant extracts

Properties:Anti-inflammatory, astringent, depurative, micronutrients, immunoreconstituent, antioxidant, etc.

Active ingredients

-Natural Tramadol, natural Fagaricin, natural methyl salicylates, salicin, natural reserpine, micronutrients, etc.

Indications:Herniated disc, osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, etc.

Price: 30 €.

Duration of treatment: minimum 3 months

Les effets thérapeutiques.

 Goutte, causes,Traitement naturel de la Goutte. La Tisane 195 : Goutte, causes,Traitement naturel de la Goutte possède des vertus analgésiques, anti-inflammatoires, antioxydant, immunostimulantes anti-infectieuses, La tisane soulage rapidement  des douleurs et de nombreux symptômes comme la fatigue, les spasmes musculaires, les douleurs musculaires, les points de côté, le fourmillement, le picotement, l’insomnie,  etc. La tisane renforce le système immunitaire et reconstitue les articulations endommagées, cause principale du pincement et de la sciatique.


Hernie discale, arthrose, arthrite, sciatiques,  douleurs musculaires, douleurs articulaires, douleurs de nerfs.

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Goutte Définition causes symptômes. La goutte est une maladie très douloureuse voire insupportable mais le remède 195 soulage les douleurs rapidement.

Herbal tea 195: Drop, causes, symptoms, natural treatment Drop

Gout, causes of gout, symptoms of gout, natural treatment of gout. The herbal tea eliminates excess uric acid in the body.

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