Obesity, How to lose weight quickly, Lose weight quickly naturally.Obesity lose weight quickly, lose weight without suffering, lose weight naturally with herbal teas 3, 209 and 226. You want to lose weight without losing weight, then you've come to the right place. The combination of these herbal teas gives excellent results quickly . Herbal Tea 209: Obesity Herbal Tea Losing weight quickly and naturally is a good herbal remedy. This product detoxifies the body, eliminates bad fats and dries out internal tumours. The herbal tea fights obesity, fat belly, cellulite and flatulence.

Obesity Remedy Technical Sheet, How to lose weight quickly, Lose weight quickly and naturally.


-Powder in transparent sachet.

-Weight: 50g

Composition:Depurative, astringent, absorbent plants, Jêka, Cajanus cajan, Cassia Siamea, Anthocléista nobilis, Olax

Active Principles : -Astringent and absorbent tannins, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytic heterosides, sterols, etc.

 Price: 30 €.

Duration of treatment: 4 weeks

Properties of the Obesity Remedy, How to lose weight quickly, Lose Weight Quickly and Naturally

Beneficial effect of Herbal Tea 209: Obesity lose weight quickly and naturally.

The product how to lose weight, lose weight quickly and naturally revitalizes and rid it of its toxins. It detoxifies the body of uric acid, fat, heavy metals, tumours, poisons. It eliminates bad cholesterol, gas, waste, parasites, fungus.

Other effects

The product to lose weight quickly and naturally is not bitter and is easy to take. It also has a slight laxative effect but reduce the dose in case of diarrhoea. The remedy also protects the muscle mass, reduces fat and makes you lose unnecessary kilograms.The remedy to lose weight quickly and naturally helps at the same time to strengthen the body's immune system, slow down the ageing process and prevent diseases. Herbal tea accelerates the recovery process and regulates the psychological function of our body. Its amino acid content enables it to regulate the normal function of our body.


The slimming and natural product is also recommended as a preventive measure against the appearance of tumours, fibroids, cysts and large bellies. Moreover, the powder also contributes to the good development of the intestinal flora. Indeed it reduces the phenomena of flatulence, bloating and fermentation. To optimise the effect of the herbal tea it is necessary to combine herbal teas 003, 209 and 226.

Indications: Intoxication, obesity.

Directions for use : Read the leaflet

Herbal Tea 209: Obesity Lose Weight Quickly, Lose Weight Well Naturally

Obesity lose weight quickly and naturally. Herbal tea eliminates bad seeds and makes you lose weight. Good remedy for obese people.

30,00€ excl. tax

Lose weight quickly Naturally How to lose weight quickly Lose weight quickly Lose weight naturally



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