Djèka "Glued Tight" or "Paste Tighten", Leaves of Djèka, Benefits of Djèka for Women. Djèka in Dioula in Ivory Coast, Klan madou in Goun in Benin, scientifically named Alchornea Cordifolia is a species of plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. It is the antibiotic for African women. It is found in rain forests or gallery forests of tropical Africa, often also along rivers. It is widely used in traditional African medicine. It is a shrub that can reach a few meters high with many branches from the base, erect, flared, sometimes drooping depending on where the plant grows. Leaves often toothed edge with a long petiole. This a magical plant that quickly unblocks blocked proboscis. Djèka leaves are useful in helping a woman to get pregnant. The Plant purifies periods and makes period blood bright red.

The female flowers are very small, in clusters hanging on the branches or trunk, greenish in color, while the males are in axillary panicles up to 20 cm long. The fruits are small, capsular with two subspherical cells, covered with fine stellate hairs, slightly flattened with two very long persistent styles up to 7 cm long.

The virtues of Djèka leaves, Benefits of Djèka for women

Herbal tea 240: Djèka, Glued tight, glued tight Benefits of Djèka for Women. God created this plant for the happiness of the Woman. Djèka very successful infections in women. Djèka unclogs the fallopian tubes and treats hydrosalpinx properly. It is the all-rounder to make a woman happy in every way. Like Gongoli, Djèka is a plant friendly to Women. Every woman should use Djèka on a daily basis because of its many virtues. Gongoli and Djèka are advanced antibiotics. Djèka has the virtues of disinfectant. It cleanses the impurities of the belly, purifies the body of the woman. The Djèka naturally lubricates and perfumes the vagina. Djèka treats and prevents urinary tract infections. This root fights pain after childbirth. In addition, it boosts libido, gives a good intimate smell and prevents vaginal dryness. Good for fighting bad white losses. Djèka improves the quality of cervical mucus and facilitates conception. The Djèka opens naturally from blocked proboscis. Djèka and Gongoli should be combined to optimize the depurative and antibiotic effects.

Origin of Djèka, Alchornea cordifolia, Composition of Djèka.

Herbal tea 240: Djèka, Benefits of Djèka for Women. Djèka's secret weapon for women is originally from Africa. This wild herb is very present in West Africa. Djèka is present from Senegal east to Kenya and Tanzania and south across central Africa to Angola. It is cultivated in DR Congo for its medicinal uses. Its leaves are rich in flavoids, tannins, coumarins, amino acids, steroids, triterpenoids, the roots contain tannins, terpenoids, sterols, and traces of alkaloids. From the seeds, an oil rich in epoxidized fatty acids is extracted.

Presentation of Djèka 

Djèka, Leaves of Djèka, Benefits of Djèka for Women.The plant appears in the form of large green tufts, the root of which, developing vertically, can reach depths of up to 2 to 3 meters. The vetiver roots are harvested then dried and braided for better conservation. We sell it in raw roots and 50g powder.

How to buy Djèka, Djèka leaves, Benefits of Djèka for women

The Center Afrique Santé Bio has several points of sale for Gongoli, Djèka, 4 sides, nep nep, kani and other medicinal plants in Africa, France, Paris and internationally all over the world with delivery by DHL within 24 hours . We also have a lot of warehouse centers in many other countries. We sell 50g of Djèka powder at 20 euros or 12,500fcfa. The powder is at this price because you need a large quantity of leaf for a few grams of Djèka powder. The leaf is very light How to use the Djèka

It can be used warm or cool. Never in pregnant women

Djèka leaves: Boil 100g for 2 liters of water and drink the decoction. So let cool and pour into a bottle and consume this decoction at the rate of 2 to 3 cups per day for a month depending on your illness. Remember to consume at bedtime. You can also use it for your personal hygiene. Drink the resulting drink at the rate of 2 cups a day for a month for urinary tract infection, for 3 months to unclog blocked fallopian tubes. Make it an intimate toilet to tighten the vagina, lubricate the vagina and overcome the drop in Libido.

The powder of Djèka or Herbal tea 240: Djèka, Secret weapon of the Women

Indications: Urinary tract infections, Hydrosalpinx, sagging vagina, blocked tubes, vaginal dryness, dirty white discharge, stinking periods, sore throat, bronchitis, anemia, no menses, urinary tract infections, bleeding after childbirth, vaginitis, sagging vagina, fat belly, etc

Note: It is good to combine Gongoli, Djèka, 4 sides, clove and nep nep to optimize the effects.

- Instructions for use: Djèka "Glued Tight" or "Glue Tighten"

-Morning, Noon and Evening: Infuse a teaspoonful of the powder in a cup of very hot liquid for a month without interruption. Drink lukewarm.

- Or, boil a tablespoon of the powder in 2 liters of water. Drink half a cup, 3 times a day for a month.

Note. You can make an enema with a pear at bedtime. To tighten the vagina, just use the infusion or decoction for personal hygiene or as a sitz bath. In case of female infertility, take the potion from the first day of your period until the fourteenth and stop to resume if you are not pregnant as soon as your period arrives. Do this for each menstrual cycle until you conceive. It is important to respect this interruption because the Djèka is strongly discouraged in the event of pregnancy. Using Djèka under certain conditions is abortive.

Herbal tea 240: Djèka, Benefits of Djèka for Women

Djèka, Benefits of Djèka for Women, plant of the Woman and at the service of the Woman. What Woman wants, God wants. Woman, don't fold your arms and take charge of your destiny.

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