Scientific name: Desmodium adscendens( fabaceae)

Common name: desmodium or savannah clover

French name : salpan

Name in Goun and Youruba in Benin ;: Zènali, Ekpa ilè

Botanical classification : : Fabaceae family ( fabaceae )

Forms and preparations: decoctions, dry extracts, capsules, concentrated solutions

Description of Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Benefits of Desmodium adscendens

Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective plant, Desmodium ascendens.a liver friend, Desmodium ascendens is a wild, perennial, multi-leaved plant native to West Africa. In Benin, it often grows along the entire length of the river, hence its name zenali (gives way). It is also very widespread in Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Amazon region) and in all humid equatorial zones. Crawling or climbing, this plant rests on the trunks of cocoa or oil palm trees. Measuring about 50 cm, Desmodium has hairy, trifoliate leaves, small purple flowers and pod-like fruits.

The virtues of Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Benefits of Desmodium adscendens

Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens Remedy. Desmodium adscendens is Hepatoprotective, Antiasthmatic, Antiallergic, Antiviral, Quincke's Edema. It is indicated in cases of Liver inflammation, viral hepatitis, asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, diarrhoea, eczema, urticaria, angioedema, digestive allergies, convulsions, diarrhoea, detoxification cures. In decoction, it is a good depurative herbal tea. The plant is rich in Flavonoids, isoquinoline alkaloids, fatty acids, saponosides, anthocyanosides, tryptamine derivatives.

Some definitions :

-Hepatoprotective: increases the resistance of liver cells in the event of inflammation of toxic or infectious origin, particularly following drug treatment or chemotherapy.

Anti-asthmatic: helps to fight bronchial asthma attacks by preventing the contraction of the lung muscles.

Anti-allergic: helps to treat sudden onset allergies, such as allergic asthma, angioedema or digestive allergies.

-Bronchodilator: has a relaxing effect on the lung tissue and bronchial muscles in the event of asthma attacks or anaphylactic shock.

-Relaxing: is used in case of muscle contractions such as aches, cramps and spasms. It is effective in relieving back pain.

How to buy Desmodium adscendens

Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens The Centre Afrique Santé Bio has several sales outlets for Desmodium adscendens, Gongoli, Djèka, 4 sides, nep nep, kani and other medicinal plants in Africa, France, Paris and internationally all over the world with delivery by DHL in 24 hours. We also have many sales depot centres in many other countries. We sell a fruit at one or two euros and sell 50g of powder on 4 sides at 20 euros or 12500fcfa. The powder is at this price because you need a large quantity of fruit for a few grams of powder on 4 sides. Moreover the fruits are not easy to make because of their richness in fat and essences.

How to use Desmodium Adscendens,Desmodium Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens

Raw plant Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens: Directions for use Boil 50g for 2 litres of water and drink the decoction. Let it cool down and pour it into a bottle and consume this decoction at a rate of 2 to 3 cups per day for a month depending on your ailment.

The powder of Desmodium adscendens, Hepathoprotective, Desmodium adscendens

Herbal Tea 242: Desmodium adscendens, Liver Friend

Properties: Hepatoprotective, Anti-asthmatic, Anti-allergic, Antiviral, Quincke's edema, etc.

Indications: Liver inflammation, viral hepatitis, asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, diarrhoea, eczema, urticaria, angioedema, digestive allergies,....

-Instructions for use of Desmodium adscendens:

-Morning, Noon and Evening: Infuse one teaspoonful of the powder in a cup of very hot liquid for one month without interruption. Drink lukewarm.

- Or boil one tablespoon of the powder in 2 litres of water. Drink half a cup 3 times a day for 3 months or more.

Note. Allow 3 to 6 months of treatment. For hepatitis B, please combine our herbal tea 46 Antivirex 2H Hepatitis B

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Herbal tea 242: Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens

Desmodium adscendens, Hepatoprotective, Desmodium adscendens. Best friend of the liver, Desmodium is a very useful plant for the liver.

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  Desmodium adscendens Desmodium Hepatoprotective



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