Natural Treatment of Uterine Synechiae with Medicinal Plants works well, but what is synechiae and how to deal with synechiae to get pregnant. You are in the right place and read the whole page to better understand how it works. A synechia of the uterus also called intrauterine adhesion (joining together of the walls of the uterine mucosa) or Asherman's syndrome can be treated well naturally and we offer you a remedy for this. This is a joining of the internal walls of the uterus and the herbal tea 270 has the effect of softening the adhesion and of separating the walls thus welded. There are two entities:

- Traumatic intrauterine adhesions

- stenosis of the internal opening of the uterine cervix responsible for traumatic atresic amenorrhea.

In all cases, the presence of even mild synechiae is a cause of infertility in women. A woman with a synechiae cannot carry a pregnancy.

What can cause Uterine Synechia?
Synechiae of the uterus very often occurs after an abortion or miscarriage followed by curettage. Sometimes an infection can be the cause. A poorly managed childbirth can create a synechiae. Any poorly managed injury can lead to synechia when the walls touch and stay together in the healing process. In any case, a synechia occurs during a bad healing process which is done in an anarchic way. When an attachment goes very badly, bands of fibrous tissue are sometimes created, veritable bridges or straps which connect in places the opposite walls of the uterine cavity and weld them together during healing. When two injured walls touch each other the wounds heal together and create an adhesion

How to be Alerted of a Synechia of the Uterus
- Lack of periods after curettage

- Scanty periods after curettage.
- Unexplained pelvic infectious episodes.
-Female infertility.
- Repeated miscarriages

Note: Sometimes no sign except infertility. After curettage, any woman of childbearing age should monitor her cycle and seek regular consultation.

Natural Synechia Treatment of the Uterus


- Bark, powder and root in a 1 liter bottle or powder in a sachet for in-house bottle maceration.


- Plant extracts

Active subtances

- Emolient elements, purifiers

Price: 100 €

Herbal Tea 270: Natural Treatment of Synechia of the Uterus (Plants)

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