Here is a Natural Adenomyosis Treatment to treat Adenomyosis or Endometriosis of the uterus. But, what is an adenomyosis? From a medical point of view, this disease is defined as a set of symptoms present when endometrial cells are found in the myometrium. Displaced and trapped endometrial tissue follows the menstrual cycle (grows, thickens and breaks down) due to hormonal changes in the body. Because it has no way out of your body, it becomes trapped and causes irritation, scarring and adhesions with monster pain. Adenomyosis or uterine endometriosis is very painful. Endometriosis rots the lives of many women with unbearable pain with clots and repeated prolonged bleeding, irregular menstrual periods sometimes of very long duration with heavy bleeding and risk of anaemia.  Sometimes this can result in situations of female sterility due to the fragility of the uterine muscle and the uncontrolled frequency of menstruation. The pain of an adenomyosis is clearly different from the usual menstrual pain. If you have a problem with menstruation or early menopause, please click on Absence of Menstruation.

Adenomyosis is an internal endometriosis of the uterus and is also called internal endometriosis. In fact it is an abnormality of the junction zone between the endometrium (the mucous membrane lining the uterus) and the myometrium (the muscle of the uterine wall) which allows endometrial cells to infiltrate the myometrium. This allows the endometrial cells to become trapped in the myometrium. This is an extremely painful disease with bleeding. Uterine adenomyosis is a special form of endometriosis that only affects the muscle of the uterus, i.e. the myometrium. Asymptomatic in a third of cases, uterine adenomyosis can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Herbal tea 276 is very effective against adenomyosis and facilitates the evacuation of endometrial cells trapped in the myometrium in the form of cysts. These endometriotic cysts develop in isolation or in foci. In these cases, the cysts are so large and numerous that they cause a thickening and deformation of the wall of the uterine muscle, giving the uterus a globular appearance. Adenomyosis is often a cause of infertility in women. There are two forms of uterine adenomyosis:

-Superficial uterine adenomyosis due to the penetration of the endometrium into the 12 mm of the uterine wall or myometrium. This form causes heavy bleeding during and after menstruation;

-Deep uterine adenomyosis, which, in addition to bleeding, causes severe pain.

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One in three women with uterine adenomyosis is asymptomatic and menstruation remains painless. Thus adenomyosis is discovered by chance, during a gynaecological imaging examination prescribed to understand infertility or a repeated miscarriage in a woman of childbearing age.

In two out of three women, on the other hand, this internal endometriosis disrupts the menstrual cycle and often causes excessive bleeding during menstruation as well as outside the menstrual period. This is because the endometrial tissue that has invaded the myometrium behaves as if it were in its normal environment, filling with blood and swelling under pressure. This also explains the pain in the lower abdomen, which is felt more strongly at the time of menstruation. In some women, this pain occurs in the lower back.

In 30% of cases, women with uterine adenomyosis also have myomas, and in 20% of cases they suffer from uterine endometriosis.


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A Good Natural Remedy to cure endometriosis with plants. Discover the remedy that cures adenomyosis. You have your cure at hand with herbal tea 276. Natural Endometriosis Remedy is a complex compound of plants rich in phytosterols, anti-inflammatory, emollient, and highly depurative. It facilitates the painless flow of poorly positioned endometrial cells and prevents the formation of new cells. The treatment is long but effective in the long run and requires enough patience.

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  Endometriosis, painful and irregular periods, etc.

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Herbal Tea 276: Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Natural Treatment Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis or Endometriosis of the Uterus. You have a good natural herbal remedy to overcome Adenomyosis once and for all. Discover it

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