I am Woman and I gas through the vagina. My vagina makes noise but why a vaginal fart? You are not alone in this situation, Madam, although it is rare. It is even more common when the vagina is flaccid. However, sometimes women decide to express themselves through strange onomatopoeia called vaginal farts without knowing where the air passes through to get in.  It's just air that comes in before it comes out, not gas like intestinal farts. Vaginal farts are odourless, but what are these farts, humorously nicknamed "frouts"? What are the natural solutions and techniques to avoid them?  Intestinal farts are due to fermentation in the colon but in the case of vaginal farts it is a different matter. What is the cause of these annoying farts if they are frequent? The air that comes out comes from where. This is more common in women who suffer from vaginal flatulence or weakened perineum. The soft moaning, fluttering, velvety, guttural, vaginal noises often fall like a cleaver. These are simply the result of air draughts in the vulva, which are quite common phenomena. It is the expulsion of this air that causes sounds. The vaginal fart is humorously called "le frout" (contraction of the words foufoune and prout).

A simple way to combat a vaginal fart is to tighten the vagina and one of the benefits of herbal tea 278 . The product is a complex of root and bark plants. The role of this remedy is to tighten the vagina. The remedy tones and muscles the vagina and fights the vaginal fart. If you are suffering from vaginal fart, then act quickly and order Herbal Tea 278: Natural Vaginal Fart Treatment. There are also Kegel exercises that help to tone the perineal muscles, as a hypotonic vagina (when the perineal muscles lack tone) is one of the explanations for the vaginal fart. It is therefore important to tone up the perineum muscles, not only to avoid vaginal noise, but also prolapse, urine leakage, etc.

Presentation of Herbal Tea 278 for Healing the Vaginal Pet

-Powder in bags of 50g.


-Astringent, stimulating and repulsive plant extracts.

 Active ingredients

Plant sterols.

Price : 50 €.

-Take 50g of mango bark for 1 litre of wood water. Leave to macerate for 2 days. Wash the penis with the potion if you are a man and make it an intimate toilet if you are a woman. You can make an ointment out of it with shea butter. 

-To make an intimate toilet with the gongoli.

-Making an intimate toilet with Djèka leaves

-Making a seat bath with 4 sides or tetrapleura tetraptera

-Order herbal teas 20, 21, 22 or 23.

the herbal teas 10, 111, 202 and 203.

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Herbal Tea 278: Vaginal Farts Natural Treatment

Vaginal fart, what can you do to end it? We offer you a natural remedy and recipes to tone up the vagina. A muscular vagina is good for you.

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