Herbal Tea 281:  Natural Remedy  For Vaginal Gas ( Soap )

What are vaginal gas or farts? How to avoid a vaginal gas? We offer you a cream, soap, herbal tea and many simple recipes.

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Natural Vaginal gasVaginal Remedy by therapeutic soap. The Soap tightens the vagina and eliminates untimely vaginal farts for good.  Vaginal farts are an alarm bell for vaginal relaxation, I guess it's a sign of a weak perineum. They are very different from classic bowel farts because it is just air coming out of the vagina. They have no smell, it is the same air with big bubbles coming out of a bottle, when you pour it completely into a bucket They are "just" embarrassing and often embarrassing during sex or in certain positions. With herbal teas 278, 281 and 282 your vagina and perineum will be well toned to overcome the untimely vaginal fart.

Herbal Tea 281: Vaginal gas Natural Remedy Vaginal Gas ( Soap )

Presentation: soap in 50g jar

Composition: Plant extracts to tone and tighten the vagina.

Active ingredients: Astringents

Price: 20 €.

Vaginal farts Natural Treatment ( Cream )

What are vaginal farts? How to avoid a vaginal fart? We offer you a cream, soap, herbal tea and many simple recipes. Please find out more about the remedy and recipes for vaginal fart.

20,00€ excl. tax

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