Anti-fatigue, Natural remedy

The Anti-fatigue remedy is a good natural tonic, a good antioxidant and an excellent herbal immunoreconstituent. This remedy is composed of organic medicinal plants, fruits, leaves, bark and roots rich in stimulating elements. Anti-fatigue, natural stimulant, stimulant. is a good stimulant, a good antioxidant and an excellent immunoreconstituent herbal tea. The tea quickly lifts the exhausted body and facilitates recovery after sustained effort. Useful in periods of competition and endurance. 

Remedy 029: Super tonic, natural pick-me-up

NOTE: Super tonic tonic stimulant useful and good for all. This product is rich in immunoreconstituting elements. Good for convalescent and weak people.

Herbal tea 029: Super tonic, natural stimulant remontant.


-Powder in sachet of 50g.

Composition of the natural anti-fatigue tonic

-Stimulating and tonic plant extracts

 Active substances

Alkaloids, vasoconstrictor tannins, calcium, zinc and copper.

Price : 30 €.

Therapeutic effects of Anti-fatigue powder

This natural pick-me-up is very rich in carbohydrates, proteins, micro-acids, micronutrients and stimulants (vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B3, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, sulfur, etc.) provides the body with everything it needs for its energy balance and trace elements. It is an advanced dietary supplement to be used during periods of intense effort or intense cold. It keeps the brain and the whole body awake for long hours . Every time your body is overworked, chew and swallow a pinch of the powder and everything will be better. In times of flu epidemic, a cure of the powder will allow you to better resist because the powder stimulates the body's immune defenses well .

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-Physical, intellectual and mental fatigue, memory problems, flu, viral diseases, aches and pains, migraines, dizziness, hypotension, general fatigue, sleep study, etc.

-Advised to women who are breastfeeding for an abundance of milk but forbidden to pregnant women.


-Prohibited to at least 5 years old and to pregnant women.

-Hypertensive people should take the powder in moderation.

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Herbal Tea 029: Anti-fatigue, natural stimulant

Anti-fatigue. Herbal tea is a good natural pick-me-up. Good for stimulating the brain and overcoming school laziness. It gives good results. Pray to know more about it

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Natural remedy organic spirulina flu memory aid Anti-Fatigue cold




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