Incense of disenchantment, Incense of purification to start again on new spiritual and physical bases. The spirit controls matter and one must be spiritually strong to dominate matter or the material world. The spirit is king and commands the matter. Herbal Tea 034: Incense of disenchantment, incense of purification is very effective to drive out the bad spirits, the wizards, the night husbands, the ghosts, the wandering spirits, etc. The remedy is effective in the cases of diabolic possession, of strange diseases, witchcraft, bad fate, black magic, bewitchment, etc... It is good to unravel desperate situations. It is a purely African and ancestral remedy

Herbal Tea 034: Incense of disenchantment, incense of purification

Note: Herbal Tea 034 :Incense of disenchantment, incense of purification is very effective in chasing away evil, wizards, night husbands, ghosts, wandering spirits, etc..

Herbal Tea N°034 : Incense of disenchantment (hunting evil spirits, husband or wife at night, etc).


-powder in sachet of 50g


-Mineral and vegetable extracts (gardenia, commiphora africana, smilax, resin, sulfur, myrrh, natural camphor, etc.) .

Active substances

-Resins, essences, camphor ,

Price : 20 €

The therapeutic effects of incense 

The powder is a combination of African products with a thousand virtues and this makes our incense a wonderful support product for all souls and especially the bewitched or weak souls.

Already natural camphor alone possesses excellent virtues of purification, cleansing places from bad influences and the evil eye with many beneficial effects on the psychic level.

 The gardenia alone is a virtuous tree on which no bird lands without being struck by lightning. Some gardenias have lost this virtue by desecration and it is necessary to find the resin of the authentic gardenia of the Beninese forests and this is the protective power of our incense. Where our incense burns, no bird of ill omen can cross without falling to the ground. Burn our incense and be sure that your home is placed under divine protection. In addition to its protective nature of the place, our incense pleasantly perfumes the house, attracts many positive vibrations: luck, love, clairvoyance, purifies wandering and lost souls. A child seems to be bewitched, incense the place to observe its instantaneous deliverance. It is a divine wonder that is not associated with any belief except your liver. Wandering and lost souls, evil spirits, the evil eye, etc. will no longer have anything to do with you.


Evil spirits, evil eye, bewitchment, possession, nocturnal paralysis, husband or wife at night,

 Instructions for use :

Put a little powder on charcoal as usual.

Herbal Tea N°034 : Incense of disenchantment and purification

Incense of disenchantment, incense of purification of haunted people and places. Good for people who lack self-confidence

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