Definition of Psoriasis

Treat psoriasis naturally. Herbal tea 084: To treat psoriasis naturally (lotion). Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that is difficult to live with, very recurrent and rebellious. It manifests itself by red inflammatory plaques with white or red scales or crusts depending on the skin tone of the patient. All parts of the body can be affected, such as elbows, extremities, nails, scalp or skin folds.

To treat psoriasis naturally by the plant while seeking to better understand the cause... But be quiet because the cause is not obvious. Psoriasis seems to be a hereditary and environmental sneaky disease that only manifests itself in areas weakened by stress or a failing lifestyle. As I always say, weak ground is the first cause of any disease. Even if the germs of the disease are present, without any contributing factors (stress, obesity, infection, lowered immune defenses, alcoholism, drugs, smoking, poor diet, certain medications or chemicals, etc.), psoriasis does not develop.

Herbal Tea 084

Healing Psoriasis naturally, Psoriasis Plant Potion that heals Psoriasis. Herbal Tea 084: Healing Psoriasis Naturally (Lotion ). Psoriasis lotion is a dermatological lotion that removes plaques quickly and prevents the formation of scabs but the patient must review his lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Herbal Tea N°084 : Psoriasis Lotion

-Liquid in a dark colored pot, just like the plants used

-Jar of 25ml


-Plant extracts, 


Active ingredients

Tannins, heteroside, fungicides, etc.

Price : 20 €.

Side Effects of Herbal Tea 084: Treat Psoriasis Naturally (Lotion)




Instructions for use :

--Simply pass over the sick parts.

Herbal Tea N°084 : Psoriasis Lotion, natural remedy

Treat psoriasis naturally. We have put at your disposal a cheap product with marvelous results against the evil.please discover the recipe

20,00€ excl. tax - 20,00€ inc. tax

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