Natural Cancer Treatment 

Natural Remedy Hope for Healing, heals more than twelve types of cancer: Prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, etc.. Please take the time to read and reread the merits of this remedy. Please contact the AfricaBio center or Africa Health Bio as soon as the cancer is declared and regardless of the organ concerned.

You have an infinite, there are number of ways to reach us and act quickly before it's too late. The Natural Cancer Treatment, Natural Remedy Hope for Healing remedy works in almost 90% of cases if the patient starts treatment early enough.

For naturalists, the primary cause of illness is diet, lifestyle, poisoning, poor body drainage, and our increasingly polluted environment. Man H prepares his own end, the end of others or the end of the world. Today, no one is sure of the purity of the air they breathe, of the healthy origin of what they eat and sometimes of the medicines they consume. Everything is tampered with, everything is hacked, everything is denatured, everything is chemical and artificial, nothing is safe and we have become artificial beings, living sick and potential dying. According to WHO statistics, 70% of the living are undeclared patients, 20% are real patients and know what they are suffering from and there are only 10% of perfectly healthy people with a majority of children. The 90% of people who live in the big cities are sick people who are walking or carrying a lot of germinating diseases due to pollution and bad life.   Other rare diseases have become very common with multiple names and specialists of all kinds. We have good surgeons for the rapid extraction of fibroids, cysts, polyps and prostate adenomas (prostate tumours),but some tumours especially fibroids grow back very quickly if the patient does not change lifestyle. All words (fibroid, myoma, cyst, polyp, prostate adenoma, etc) refer to only the same thing, the same disease and the only difference, is only the organ affected because of poor drainage. All these other strange words have become very popular because of the generalization of these diseases. Our internal mucosa is very irritated and abused (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, acid drug abuse, fake drug abuse, antibiotic abuse, etc.), we do not eliminate well, our blood is too loaded with toxins and all these tumors testify to the body’s effort to get rid of internal toxins and fight various irritations.  Depending on the origin of the toxins and their starting point, the body deposits them in different places in order to protect the vital organs at best in the way we do garbage piles when our house is too dirty. Sometimes our home, our environment is so polluted that it is difficult to clean everything up in an instant. This is exactly what happens in our inner world that needs regular detoxification. Seen from the outside we present a beautiful appearance, but seen from the inside it is a lot of mental, physical and spiritual problems.   Thus, tumours are only internal garbage piles composed of various wastes (fat, muscle, hair, bone, blood, hair, pus, toxins, chemicals, etc.). As there are several types of waste (solid, gaseous, liquid, toxic and non-toxic, etc.) we have several types of tumors among others localized tumors without the so-called benign tumours and branched tumours called malignant or cancerous tumours. To help you, the Afrique-Santé-Bio centre has several products at your disposal, including herbal tea N°10, which can help you in a preventive and curative way. Herbal tea N° 10 treats and eliminates benign internal tumors (fibroids, myomas, cysts, polyps, prostate adenoma, sebaceous cyst, etc.) with great efficiency. Whether the tumor is on a mucous membrane or in a muscle, the active ingredients of the herbal tea will do their job.   Experience it and you will see the wonders of nature. Even if you are healthy, you need this herbal tea to purify your body.

 If you have malignant or cancerous tumours, you need herbal tea N°098 or herbal tea 099 or herbal tea 100 active on almost any type of cancer.

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-powder in bags or jars of 50g


-Plant extracts

Active substances

---Absorbent, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and reducing elements
Price: 200 €


The therapeutic effects.

Herbal Tea N°100: Cancer, a natural remedy effectively fights 12 or more types of cancer. Herbal tea kills cancer cells by sparing healthy cells. It is an absorbent and adsorbent remedy that neutralizes malignant cells and preserves healthy cells. In a word, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. The herbal tea acts quickly on cancer cells, affecting them in such a way that they disintegrate within 72 hours, which allows the regeneration of new healthy cells in the body.


Prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, etc.

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Herbal tea N°100 : Cancer, natural remedy

Cancer, natural remedy Hope for healing. Good remedy for more than 12 types of cancer. Herbal tea heals and cures more than twelve types of cancer. Find out more.

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Natural Remedy Hope for Healing Natural Cancer Treatment heals more than twelve types of cancer



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