Hypospermia, Natural Remedy For Hypospermia

Natural Treatment for Sperm insufficiency, oligospermia. asthenospermia. My sperm is light, what should I do? The doctor wrote oligospermia but what does that mean? Can I find a natural remedy for an oligospermia? Don’t panic, you’re in the right place? Herbal tea 104 is the ideal solution for you. Herbal tea makes sperm very abundant, viscous and increases sperm count. Restores to man his power of fertility. Good remedy against male infertility. Please discover the recipe.

Natural Remedy Hypospermia,Natural Treatment Sperm Insufficiency,Oligospermia. The Herbal Tea N°104: Tonisex S, Natural Hypospermia Remedy, Natural Treatment Sperm Insufficiency, Oligospermia, Asthenospermia is a unique combination of 17 immunostimulating plants, immunoreconstituting very rich in micronutrients as acridocarpus,  mucuna , albizzia, tribulus terrestris, cissus, hibiscus, cassytha, garcinia, known for their ability to regulate sperm production rate, to improve sperm quality for more pleasure and more intense orgasms. The herbal tea facilitates in three months the reproduction of sperm in quality and quantity, that is to say strong sperm, powerful, resistant and highly mobile. It improves, quantity, quality and viscosity of sperm in a very short time. Excellent remedy for oligospermia and sperm insufficiency.

Presentation of Herbal Tea 104: Natural Hypospermia Remedy,Natural Treatment Sperm Insufficiency,Oligospermia

-Powder in bags or jars of 50g or capsules

Composition of Herbal Tea 104: Treatment Sperm Insufficiency,Oligospermia

 -Organic plant extracts

Active Ingredients of Herbal Tea 104: Natural Remedy Hypospermia,Natural Treatment Sperm Insufficiency,Oligospermia

 Alkaloids, heterosides, tannins, sterols, plant hormones, polyterpenes, poly phenols, micronutrients, antioxidants, B, C, and E vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, etc.

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Therapeutic Effects of Natural Sepem Insufficiency Treatment

Most sterile men have no erectile problems. They are often active in bed but with sterile sperm in quality and quantity without great fecunding power. The role of our herbal tea is to restore this ability through a rapid improvement in the health of their reproductive system from the qualitative and quantitative point of view of valuable elements such as sperm, sperm, not to mention circulation in small vessels, etc. Herbal tea makes the sperm very abundant.

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Indications of the Remedy:

Hypospermia, Sperm Insufficiency, Oligospermia, Asthma, Male Infertility, etc.

Instructions for use:Read the instructions

NB: For male sterility, use herbal tea 50.

Herbal Tea 104: Hypospermia,Natural Treatment Sperm Insufficiency

Hypospermia, Treatment Sperm insufficiency, Oligospermia. The herbal tea makes the sperm very abundant, viscous and increases the sperm count. Good remedy

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sperm insufficiency asthenospermia Natural Remedy Hypospermia Hypospermia

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