Natural treatment Cheloids not expensive, How to eliminate Cheloids by a cream. A cream of plants to get rid of Cheloids by a natural treatment,. But what are keloids? Keloids are inflammatory scars that appear as thick, hardened and swollen. This is often caused by an overproduction of collagen in the dermis during connective tissue repair, where scarred fibrous tissue replaces normal skin tissue. This overproduction is accompanied by an excessive development of dermal cells. Furthermore, cheloids can appear as a result of a scar, a common injury, a simple pimple, shingles, or an innocuous skin trauma. This unsightly growth of the dermis can appear following an original wound, a burn, acne or following a scar, a vaccine, an incision or a surgical procedure.

The Natural Cheloid Treatment

L Natural Cheloid Treatment is herbal tea 112. The Herbal Tea 112: Chéloïdes, natural treatment Chéloïdes quickly eliminates the traces of Chéloïdes scars. It is a cream based on medicinal plants against Chéloïdes to dissolve them quickly. Discover it with patience by reading the whole page. The cream N°112: Natural treatment Chéloïdes absorbs, adsorbs, softens, eats the Chéloïdes in a short time. Good natural remedy.


 Presentation of the Herbal Tea 112: Keloids, natural treatment for Keloids

-Ointment in jar of 50ml

Composition of Herbal Tea 112: Cheloids

-Plant extracts...

-Shea butter, black cumin oil, castor oil, clay, etc...


Active ingredients

Astringent, emollient, absorbent, adsorbent, antiviral, antiseptic, etc.

Price : 50 €.


Therapeutic effects of the ointment

Chéloïdes, natural treatment Chéloïdes. Cheap natural remedy to eliminate the Chéloïdes. If you want to quickly eliminate Keloids then look no further. Order herbal tea 112 now. Indeed, the 112 herbal tea is the best remedy against Cheloids. The ointment purifies, absorbs, adsorbs and softens the Keloids very quickly. It is a good therapy against Keloid Scars.



Cheloids, warts, corns, etc.

Instructions for use.

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Herbal Tea 112: Keloids, natural treatment for Keloids

Chéloïdes, natural treatment of Chéloïdes. Good remedy against the Chéloïdes and the big traces of scar. Discover this herbal cream remedy to bring your skin back to life.

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natural treatment of Chéloïdes Chéloïdes



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