How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally

We offer vaginal eggs to clean and unblock fallapian tubes naturally. We offer you a rare product to clean, unclog blocked fallopian tubes, a vaginal egg. It is a combination with 059 herbal tea that unblocks any form of blockage in the fallopian tubes. The ovum purifies the uterus and unblocks blocked fallopian tubes and then purifies the uterus. The product unblocks blocked fallopian tubes and facilitates conception for women of childbearing age. A good remedy for female infertility due to blocked fallopian tubes, the ovum is a good remedy to clean and unclog the tubes naturally. Please discover the 060 herbal tea that has made thousands of homes happy.

Presentation of Herbal Tea114: Natural Remedy for blocked fallopian tubes.

-Eggs in bags of 10


-Plant extracts, clay, etc.

Active ingredients

Astringent, emollient, absorbent, adsorbent, antiviral, antiseptic, etc.

Price : 30 €.

Therapeutic effects of Herbal Tea114:How to Unblock fallopian tubes

The Natural Remedy to Unblock fallopian tubes naturally, the best Natural Remedy to unblock fallopian tubes  is an egg. It is an; herbal recipe for unblocking blocked fallopian tubes and is a natural remedy for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. The egg is also good for purifying the uterus and making conception easier. Good remedy against female sterility. It is a ball composed of medicinal plants, roots, leaves, bark and clay well molded in good conditions. It is the Best Natural Remedy to unclog blocked fallopian tubes. The egg cleans and facilitates conception. Good remedy against female sterility.  


Indications of the Best Natural Remedy Blocked  fallopian Tubes

Blocked trunks, female sterility, etc.


Instructions for use. Read the instructions

Note: It is necessary to combine herbal teas 059 and 114 to unclog the tubes quickly and facilitate conception.

Herbal Tea N°114: Blocked fallopian tubes, Sterility Natural Treatment

Natural Remedy for unclogs blocked tubes in a short time. The egg purifies, cleanses the tubes and makes it possible to become pregnant. Please find out more about it 

30,00€ excl. tax - 30,00€ inc. tax

Natural Remedy To Unblock fallopian tubes



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