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Pregnancy Well-being, Pregnancy Protection, African cerclage. The Tisane 117: Traditional African Cerclage is an ancestral recipe inherited from my Father to protect a pregnancy against miscarriage and at term facilitate a natural delivery and a rapid delivery of the placenta in complete safety. There are several variations of this recipe; the traditional one in the form of a seat belt that the woman wears or in a specific powder or cream or other more discreet use with the same results. This herbal tea has saved many women in situations of repeated miscarriages of natural or mystical origin. Whether or not the woman is bewitched by sorcerers or negative forces, the pregnancy will go to term and the birth will take place without a blow with extreme speed. It is an ancestral recipe that has proven itself and continues to save lives and many lives. It has nothing to do with vodoun, fetishism or anything else. It is a purely African reality that is extremely effective in protecting a high-risk pregnancy from any form of threat. I know what I am talking about and I had my third child thanks to God through this ancestral recipe. Testimonies will be legion if women were to testify to the undeniable effectiveness of this recipe. Africa is unbeatable in the field of spirituality and it is through this that Africa would have to impose itself if colonisation had not weakened and distorted our remedies. African spirituality will rise from the ashes and Africa will regain its rightful place in this field. Africa is not the cradle of humanity and the mother of many religions. Faith in God comes from Africa, the Middle East and India and the powerful countries our colonizers used this just to dominate and colonize us.





Natural organic elements

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Therapeutic effects of Pregnant Woman, Pregnancy Protection, African Cerclage

Pregnancy Well-being, Pregnancy Protection, African cerclage. It is a wonder of God given to our ancestors to save lives, it protects the baby from the forces of evil and miscarriage, reduces salivation, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, better positions the baby in the womb and during childbirth.


Repeated miscarriage, threat of miscarriage, delicate pregnancy, pregnant woman and in a situation of struggle or spiritual warfare,

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Herbal tea 117: Pregnancy protection, African cerclage

Good pregnancy protection to avoid repeated miscarriages and protect mother and baby in the traditional way. It's an ancestral recipe that works.

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Pregnancy Well-being Pregnancy Protection African cerclage Delicate pregnancy repeated miscarriage



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