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Parkinson’s  natural treatment is a good remedy for Parkinson’s disease, another disease of old age and degeneration. We have developed a good recipe for protecting neurons and relieving the sick person. The sick person will live better. Please read and discover the cure.

The disease

Parkinson’s natural treatment.  Parkinson’s disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease that results from a slow and progressive death of dopamine neurons from the brain’s dark substance affecting the central nervous system responsible for progressive disorders: slowed movements, tremors of the hands, rigidity and cognitive disorders.   Indeed, the area of the brain affected by the disease plays an important role in the control of our movements, people affected gradually make rigid, jerky and uncontrollable gestures. For example, wearing a cup to your lips with precision and suppleness becomes difficult. There is no cure for the disease, herbal medicines can relieve, reduce certain symptoms, slow down degeneration to allow patients to live better. 

The patient keeps all his lucidity of mind unlike Alzheimer’s disease.   People who suffer from it are usually over 60 years old and slowly and surely lose memory and other mental abilities irreversibly. The disease seems hereditary and, if there is no hope of a cure, one can prevent or delay the evolution by dietary supplements, among which herbal tea N°119 very rich in micronutrients.

Symptoms of the disease 

Often associated with memory lapses, the disease is often manifested by motor and non-motor or cognitive disorders, namely: difficulties of movement (hands and feet tremble), difficulties of thought, disorders of mood and behavior, sometimes depressive state, anxiety, insomnia, swallowing problems, incontinence, digestion and constipation problems, changes in blood pressure, with dizziness or dizziness, odor disorders, fatigue, pain, sexual dysfunction, etc.

On the emotional level, Parkinson’s disease makes it less aggressive than Alzheimer’s disease but both diseases usually lead to major behavioral and sleep disorders.   The patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease often retains his lucidity of mind and thought and the real handicap is autonomy and movement from every point of view. Eat by yourself  moving around on your own, standing up, getting on your shoes, getting dressed, shaking hands, greeting, covering and even washing becomes a real problem for the patient. In any case, you must consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.The product against Parkinson’s, natural treatment Parkinson’s diseaseTisane N°119 is an antidepressant, psychotropic, immunoreconstituting food supplement that nourishes the brain, provides restorative sleep and actually delays the progression of Parkinson’s disease. The remaining nerve cells or neurons will be protected to allow the patient to live better. Some useful functions will be restored allowing the patient to live better in his environment.

 Presentation of the product

-powder in bags or jars of 50g


-Plant extracts

Price: 50 €. 

The therapeutic effects 

. Tisane N°119: Nerfexbio A: Parkinson’s natural treatment  is an antidepressant, psychotropic, immunoreconstituting, dopamine-rich food supplement that feeds the brain, protects neurons, provides restorative sleep and actually delays the evolution of Parkinson’s disease. A good remedy for evil.


Parkinson’s disease, memory impairment, etc

Instructions for use

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Herbal tea 119: Parkinson’s disease, natural treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s natural treatment, Parkinson’s disease remedy. Parkinson’s disease, another disease of old age and degeneration. We have developed a good recipe against this evil.

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  • Bella
    The best natural remedy to cure Parkinson"s disease in a short time. Thank these natural remedies my uncle was healed. Kudo to professor ZOUGNON and his team.

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