Natural Treatment for Gynecomastia (Man), Natural Remedy Gynecomastia to remove adipose tissue from the chest in men.  A good natural Gynecomastia remedy that completely eliminates bad breast fat. This clears the man’s chest of fatty tissue that has no place in the man’s breasts. The herbal tea is a good fat sensor that firm the chest in a few weeks and gives back to the man his chest.Good fat reducer and especially bad fats. Please discover the recipe with hope of healing.

The causes

They are numerous among others a hormonal imbalance between male hormones testosterone in high fall and female estrogen in high rise, taking certain drugs (steroids, digitalis, amphetamines, etc ), taking drugs (alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, heroin, anabolic narcotic, etc.), certain genetic diseases such as: Kennedy’s disease, Klinefelter’s syndrome, androgen insensitivity syndrome and others. For physiological reasons, the disease can appear at any time in the elderly man in case of a sharp decrease of testosterone and an exaggerated increase of the female hormone testosterone. There are also pathological causes (cancers, renal insufficiencies, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cirrhosis, testicular tumours, etc.), certain testicular hormonal insufficiencies, Klinefelter syndrome (when humans have supernumerary chromosomes), Addison’s disease, acromegaly, Steinert’s myotonic dystrophy.

Herbal Tea No. 120: Gynecox 1, Gynecomastia Hypertrophy of Man’s Breasts is a plant-based dietary fat and fat supplement that eliminates breast fat, degreases, purifies and revitalizes in a short time.  


-Powder in clear pouch.

-Weight: 50g


Plant and mineral elements

Active ingredients

 Astringent and absorbent tannins, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytic heterosides, sterols, etc

 Price: 30 €

Therapeutic Effects of Natural Treatment Gynecomastia 

Natural Remedy Gynecomastia The Natural Treatment Gynecomastia of  Man, Natural Remedy Gynecomastia cleanses the chest and eliminates adipose tissue from the chest in men. The Herbal Tea N°120: Gynecomastia 1, Natural Treatment Gynecomastia of  Man, Natural Remedy Gynecomastia or Gynecomastia Hypertrophy of  Man Breasts is a dietary supplement food fat based on plants that allows to eliminate fats at the level chest in a short time. It is a great depurative, a fat sensor and a good conditioner.Discover this Panacea Tisane 070: Polyguérisons-Multiguérisons, natural remedy .


Gynecomastia, Hypertrophy of man’s breasts 

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

Herbal Tea 120: Gynecomastia Man, Natural Remedy Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Natural Remedy is a good fat sensor. It eliminates fat tissue and tones the chest. Please discover the recipe

30,00€ excl. tax - 30,00€ inc. tax

excess cholesterol Gynecomastia Natural Gynecomastia Remedy



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