Adipomastia, Gynecomastia, Natural Treatment Adipogynecomastia. But what is Adipomastia?. Adipomastia or pseudo gynecomastia is an hypertrophy of the breast in men due to an accumulation of fat in the pectoral area.  It is simply an overload of fat in the chest. The man has an over-developed chest full of fat, giving him the appearance of a female chest, which often leads to a complex because it is a form of attack on virility that can lead, from adolescence, to a withdrawal into oneself: the impossibility of going bare-chested in public (at the beach, swimming pool, sports changing rooms, etc.), of wearing clothes close to the body, etc. However, it is to be differentiated from gynecomastia resulting from an excess of mammary gland, and from adipogynecomastia involving both excess fat and excess mammary gland. Adipomastia can affect one or both breasts, symmetrically or asymmetrically. It is often associated with overweight from adolescence onwards in obese or obesity-prone people .

Cause of Adipomastia and natural treatment adipo-gynecomastia

Adipomastia is an excess of subcutaneous fat located in the male chest. It is generally associated with overweight in obese men. The chest is often pouting, flabby, or even gelatinous. Gynecomastia indicates the presence of adipose tissue in the male breast. The combination of the two is called adipo-gynecomastia. Please discover the Adipomastia Remedy, Natural Adipo-Gynecomastia Treatment with patience.

Natural treatment Adipogynecomastia is an herbal fat food supplement based on plants which allows to eliminate fat from the chest in a short time.

Natural Treatment Adipogynecomastia is a powder that degreases, purifies and revitalizes.


-Powder in transparent sachets or capsules

-Weight: 50g


Plant and mineral elements

Active ingredients: 

Astringent and absorbent tannins, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytic heterosides, sterols, etc.

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Therapeutic effects of Adipomastia,Gynecomastia,Natural Treatment Adipo-gynecomastia

The therapeutic effects of the Adipomastia Remedy, Natural Adipo-gynecomastia Treatment by the plant. Adipo-gynecomastia indicates that the patient suffers from both adipomastia and gynecomastia. The remedy purifies the breasts and eliminates unnecessary fat and fat deposits. La Tisane N°122 : Gynécox 2, Adipomastie,Remedy Adipogynécomastie is a fat food based on plants which allows to eliminate the fats at the level of the breast in a short time.  It is a great depurative, a fat catcher and a good revitaliser.good remedy against adipomastia and excess body fat. It is a product to lose weight and fight obesity and body heaviness.

Indications of the treatment Adipomastia,Gynecomastia,Natural Treatment Adipo-gynecomastia

Adipomastia, Adipogynecomastia, Hypertrophy of breasts and breasts in men   

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Herbal Tea 122 : Gynecox 2, Adipomastia,Natural Treatment Adipo-gynecomastia is a good collector of breast fat that firms up the chest in men. Good remedy against adipomastia and excess body fat. It is a product to lose weight and fight obesity and body heaviness.

Herbal Tea 122 : Natural Adipo-Gynecomastia Treatment 

Adipomastia, Adipogynecomastia treatment. It is a product to lose excess fat, fight obesity, bad cholesterol and body heaviness.

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Adipomastia Natural Adipomastia Treatment



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