AIDS Natural Remedy AIDS, Treat AIDS Naturally, Herbal Tea Against AIDS to fight skin diseases associated with AIDS. Soap is a good protection of the skin against skin diseases in case of infection with the HIV virus: shingles, chickenpox, pimples, acne, eczema, itching, irritation, etc. Good remedy for skin diseases. Anyone can use it. Soap is a good protection of the skin against skin diseases in case of infection with HIV virus: shingles, chicken pox, pimples, acne , eczema, itching, irritation, etc. Good remedy for skin diseases Anyone can use it.
The HIV virus and the AIDS disease, The difference between the virus and the disease

HIV is not AIDS but HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the virus responsible in a weak area for AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus slowly and steadily takes control of the T4 or CD4 lymphocyte defense cells in the blood, destroys them, and uses them to spread throughout the body, releasing specific toxins or viral loads into the blood. The HIV virus undermines the immune system from within and thus leads to a definite drop in CD4 cells and a weakening of the body. It is one of the most dangerous viruses by its mode of action because a defenseless body is subject to all kinds of diseases that can lead to death (flu, bronchitis, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) . Other microbes that once lived in symbiosis with the body can become pathogens and cause deadly infectious diseases. AIDS is the disease and HIV is the virus responsible for AIDS.

Transmission of the HIV virus

HIV is transmitted only through body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk. These bodily fluids do not transmit HIV unless they come into contact with an area that allows it to enter the body, a mucous membrane. Healthy skin is impermeable to HIV, and you are safe shaking hands with someone who is HIV positive or eating from the same plate as them. No HIV AIDS without the exchange of contaminated body fluid. A person declared seropositive must regularly check with his doctor the two indicators viral load and blood T4 lymphocyte or CD4 level.

Viral load

Once in your body, the virus releases toxins or viral load which indicates its eternal presence in your body except divine miracle. Viral load or CV indicates how much HIV virus is in your blood. The result indicates the level of multiplication, therefore of viral activity in your body. The lower this number, the less virus there is in the blood and the less active it is. The viral load (CV) can thus go from more than 1,000,000 copies / ml to a value undetectable under the effect of the treatment (which does not mean that there is no more HIV in the body, but that it is no longer detectable in the blood). Once the virus has entered, installed, detected in your body it will not leave you but it can be disabled forever and you will remain in perfect health with a good CD4 count until a very old age. advanced and that is the goal of our therapy.

T4 lymphocytes or CD4

T4 or CD4 lymphocytes are the immune cells responsible for organizing the reaction to an infection. That is, when a virus presents itself after infection, it is the T or CD4 lymphocytes that organize and coordinate the immune response. But, the HIV virus uses them to spread, damages them and destroys them. The defenseless body becomes weak and fatally subjected to any viral and microbial aggression.

Their rate (number per cubic millimeter (mm³) of blood) indicates the state of the immune system. The normal CD4 count is between 500 and 1,600 cells / mm³. Below 500 cells / mm³ the body the body is not able to defend itself properly and the situation will become critical below 200 cells / mm³ and especially below 100 cells / mm³

The Screening Test and AIDS Natural AIDS Cure, Cure AIDS Naturally, Herbal Tea Against AIDS

The HIV test looks for specific anti-HIV antibodies in the blood. If these antibodies are present, the patient is considered to be seropositive. If this is the case, medical monitoring is essential because untreated HIV infection will ultimately lead to AIDS or even death. A negative result means the person has not been infected yet, but if they have unprotected sex in the six weeks before the test, this result will need to be confirmed. Once tested positive, monitoring the viral load and the T4 lymphocyte level is essential because it is these two markers that will allow you to monitor the response monitor your body's response to HIV infection and then determine the moment adequate to start natural or non-HIV treatments. There are enough plants that effectively cure AIDS.

Warnings and Natural AIDS Remedy, Herbal Tea Against AIDS

AIDS Natural Remedy AIDS, Treat AIDS Naturally, Herbal Tea Against AIDS treats AIDS with herbal teas 128 and 129. The treatment does not cure AIDS disease and even in the absence of toxin or low viral load secreted by the virus one must remain cautious . The virus will be incapacitated or put to sleep, and it can wake up as soon as the ground weakens and vigilance is required. With treatment, the HIV-positive person will live a very long time without ever developing the disease, but medical monitoring and follow-up is essential.

Herbal tea N ° 127: AIDS Natural AIDS Remedy, Treat AIDS Naturally, Herbal Tea Against AIDS

The soap protects the skin against opportunistic diseases like shingles, herpes, yeast infection, pimples, itching, pruritus, etc.

Note: For a good result, it is necessary to combine the herbal teas 127, 128 and 129

Natural AIDS Remedy


-soap in 50g jar


- Plant extracts

Active subtances

-Antifungal tannins, antibiotics, antivirals, etc.

Price: 30 € bless you.


Herbal tea N ° 127: Vihta-vitha soap, natural HIV AIDS remedy

AIDS, natural remedy AIDS. You have to trust nature and discover this remedy, please. With nature we can do great things.

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