AIDS Plant Remedy, Red Jatropha, Moringa, Cassava

Red Jatropha, AIDS Plant Remedy, Cure AIDS Naturally. A natural AIDS treatment that gives hope to those living with HIV. In fact, with our VIE et SIDA herbal tea there is really hope. All those living with HIV who have used it have regained hope for life and are no longer haunted by the thought of death. The hope of survival remains possible with plants and our Natural remedy LIFE and AIDS. The Life and AIDS herbal tea that we offer contains many herbs that have more potent therapeutic properties than conventional medicines, but the pharmaceutical industry does not want you to notice them. In nature, there is always a natural solution for every disease known or to come and it is up to man to seek and find. Enlightened minds often take the lead and our herbal tea is a real field medicine to boost the immune system in order to allow it to stand firm in the face of opportunistic diseases (mycosis, flu, hepatitis, diarrhea, fever, fatigue, weight loss, anorexia , hypertension, malaria, typhoid fever, herpes, cancer, tumors, diabetes, incurable wound, shingles, chickenpox, measles, kidney problems, liver, constipation, etc.). Even in the critical and terminal stages of HIV AIDS, the remedy Life and AIDS quickly relieves clinical symptoms in a high proportion. Some have gone from being HIV positive to HIV negative. However, this does not mean that the HIV virus is dead in your body and it is important to continue treatment until full recovery. You will find herbs and recipes that really help against HIV throughout the page. The Red Jatropha or Jatropha gossypiifolia, the moringa, the King of the Herbs, the cassava are plants of public notoriety which have proved their worth in the fight against viral diseases.

Note: For a good result, it is necessary to combine the herbal teas 127, 128 and 129

Presentation of the Natural AIDS Treatment

Powder in sachet or jar of 50g or capsule

Composition of Natural AIDS Treatment

Red jatropha, Lannea, Securidaca, Carissa, Cola cordifolia, Fagara, Roi des Herbes, cassia, scoparia ducis, Cnestis, maniho esculenta, moringa, bissap, Hibiscus, etc.

Plant's active principles Treat AIDS naturally

Fagaricin, Fagaronin, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-inflammatory, etc.

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The HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the virus responsible in a weak area for AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). The virus slowly and steadily takes control of the T4 or CD4 lymphocyte defense cells in the blood, destroys them, and uses them to spread throughout the body, releasing specific toxins or viral loads into the blood. The HIV virus undermines the immune system from within and thus leads to a definite drop in CD4 cells and a weakening of the body. It is one of the most dangerous viruses by its mode of action because a defenseless body is subject to all kinds of diseases that can lead to death (flu, bronchitis, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) . Other microbes that once lived in symbiosis with the body can become pathogens and cause deadly infectious diseases.

HIV is transmitted only through body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk. These bodily fluids do not transmit HIV unless they come into contact with an area that allows it to enter the body, a mucous membrane. Healthy skin is impermeable to HIV, and you are safe shaking hands with someone who is HIV positive or eating from the same plate as them. No HIV AIDS without the exchange of contaminated body fluid. A person declared seropositive must regularly check with his doctor the two indicators viral load and blood T4 lymphocyte or CD4 level. Every patient should understand that AIDS is not inevitable and there are remedies, recipes and plants that effectively fight AIDS even at a very advanced stage. If you cannot buy our herbal tea 128, take plants such as red Jatropha, Moringa, fagara, cassava and King of Herbs at least daily for 3 months, which are great immunoreconstituents.

Herbal tea 128: Plant To Cure AIDS Naturally, AIDS Natural Treatment

Natural AIDS treatment. Being HIV positive is not inevitable. You are not condemned to death at all, but you must discover the red jatropha and other useful plants for you

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