Herbal tea N ° 202: Vita-Vita, Natural Uterine Myoma Treatment, Natural Remedy Dry Fibroma

Uterine Myoma Natural Treatment, Natural Remedy Dry Fibroma and myoma of the uterus. The remedy 202 to empty the uterus of internal tumor acts quickly on uterine fibroids, uterine myomas. The Natural Uterine Myoma Treatment, Natural Fibroma Dry Remedy is composed of rare plants with proven effects for the rapid elimination of benign uterine tumors. When it comes to fibroma or myoma, or polymyomatous uterus, rest assured. The treatment is more than 90% successful. The remedy for the name Vita Vita. Indeed Herbal Tea N ° 202: Vita-Vita or Natural Uterine Myoma Treatment, Natural Fibroma Dry Remedy, is a good product for naturally drying uterine fibroma. The product also eliminates myomas, cysts., P, internal tumors. The product for drying uterine fibroids. is a complex of medicinal plants, leaves, bark, roots intended to eliminate all forms of benign internal tumor fibroma, cysts, myomas, polyps at any stage of the disease: It is a good herbal remedy well studied for internal tumors. This tea treats all forms of internal tumors and especially large fibroids. For large fibroids, herbal teas 10, 111, 202 and 203 must be combined to optimize the total destruction of large fibroids. Myomas and kytes are swept away within one month of treatment. Do not miss this unique opportunity that is offered to you. But before purchasing the treatment, please read the entire page and click on the full color link and all the images on the page. There are a lot of recipes for removing uterine fibroids and uterine myomas. In addition you will come across a 50% promo code. Please write to us if you cannot find your promo code.

Definition of Uterine Fibroma, Uterine Myoma or Leiomyomas
A uterine fibroid or leiomyoma is a benign tumor that forms at the expense of the uterine muscle or myometrium. It is made up of very hard and very dense fibrous tissue. It can be inside or outside the uterus. Nowadays, many women carry fibroids without realizing it. However, some fibroids cause pain, heavy periods and infertility in women. A man does not have a uterus and therefore no fibroma. The risk factors depend on the location of the tumor and especially on the size of the fibroid. Measuring from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters, the weight of a fibroid varies from a few grams to 3 kg or even more. A myoma is a small fibroid.

Different Types of Fibroids

Subserous fibroma
A subserous fibroid develops on the serous membrane outside the uterus and can be attached to the uterus by a pedicle. We speak of pedicled fibroma. It can also form directly on the uterus from the outside. A subserous fibroma often causes pelvic pain, sharp and brutal.

Intra-mural or interstitial fibroma.
A fibroid is said to be intra mural or interstitial if it is located in the myometrium, that is to say in the thickness of the uterine muscle called the myometrium. An intramural fibroid often causes an increase in the volume of the uterus, or even the abdomen. It can also cause pelvic pain and heavy bleeding, or even unexpected bleeding. An interstitial fibroid can get bigger and make you look like a pregnant woman.

Submucosal or intracavitary or endocavitary fibroma
A fibroid is said to be submucosal or intracavitary if it develops in the uterine cavity, either totally or partially, the rest of the fibroid entering the uterine muscle. A submucosal fibroid grows below the endometrium but can take up space in the uterine cavity. Submucosal fibroma can be responsible for heavy periods called hypermenorrhea, menorrhagia, bleeding outside of your period called metrorrhagia and fertility problems.

A fibroid can sit sneaky without anything special in a woman's uterus and come on accidentally during a pelvic ultrasound for female infertility. But depending on the size of the fibroid and its location in the uterus, the presence of a fibroid or myoma becomes almost obvious. The bigger it is, its heaviness will be felt. Depending on the nature of the fibroid there are signs that are not mistaken and each woman should observe the flow of her periods in order to consult her doctor for the slightest change. However, without being a diagnostic tool, the following signs and symptoms can help: heaviness in the lower abdomen, pelvic pain, bleeding periods with a very significant increase in their volume and duration, clots, bleeding outside of menstruation, anemia due to unexpected bleeding. Other signs should also be considered: abdominal bloating, pain during sex, frequent urge to urinate due to pressure on the bladder, constipation, hemorrhoids and sometimes pain in the legs. In addition, a sub-serous fibroid that has a pedicle can necrose due to a sudden stop of blood flow between the fibroid and the uterus. Indeed, the pedicle can twist on the foot and cause sudden and intense pain. Please, this site is not a diagnostic site. Please consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Origin Fibroids and Myomas according to modern medicine
According to experts, the main cause of the appearance of a fibroid is a hormonal imbalance or imbalance in the two hormones progesterone and estrogen. In the vast majority of cases there is three times more estrogen than progesterone. Most women with fibroids are between 20 and 50 years old. Some experts talk about overweight, obesity and genetic factors. Nothing is certain, as women of various body types have fibroids. From thinner to more obese women we find fibroids and uterine myomas everywhere. ethnicity: Fibroids are more common in black women than white women. In black women, fibroids are often larger, bulkier and appear at an earlier age. In the black race, there are many cases of polymyomatous or polycystic uterus. We point out that an outside intake of food-borne growth hormone plays a big role in the too frequent occurrence of fibroids these days. The time is serious and every woman must watch her diet and live a healthy life.

For naturalists, the number one cause of illness is diet, lifestyle, stress, periods of intense negative emotion, and our increasingly polluted environment. Today no one is sure of the purity of the air they breathe, of the healthy origin of what they eat. Everything is denatured, chemical and artificial and we have become artificial beings, living sick and potential dying. Thus, diseases other times rare have become very frequent with multiple names and specialists of all kinds. We also have good surgeons for the rapid removal of fibroids, cysts, polyps and adenomas from the prostate (prostate tumors). However, some tumors grow back very quickly if the patient does not change their lifestyle. All the words (fibroma, myoma, cyst, polyp, prostate adenoma, etc.) only designate the same thing, the same disease. The only difference is the affected organ. All these once strange words have become very popular due to the spread of these diseases. Our internal mucous membrane is very irritated and very damaged (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, abuse of acidic drugs, etc.). We also eliminate very poorly and our blood is too loaded with toxins. Thus, all of these tumors testify to the body's effort to get rid of internal toxins and fight various irritations. Depending on where the toxins come from and where they come from, the body deposits them in different places. This is in order to best protect vital organs the way we pile up garbage when our house is too dirty. Sometimes our house, our environment is so polluted that it is difficult to clean everything in an instant. This is exactly what is happening in our inner world which needs to be detoxified regularly. Seen from the outside we present a nice appearance, but seen from the inside it's a lot of problems. So tumors are just internal garbage piles made up of various wastes (fat, muscle, blood, hair, pus, toxins, chemicals, etc.). Since there are several types of waste (solid, gaseous, liquid, toxic and non-toxic) we have several types of tumors. There are two kinds of tumors: localized tumors without branching called benign tumors and tumors with branching called malignant or cancerous tumors. The main cause of fibroids and myomas is hormonal imbalance, excess estrogen and insufficient progesterone. This imbalance comes in part from our diet rich in growth hormone, animal fats, etc. The theory developed above remains valid for cysts and polyps. Herbal tea N ° 10 only treats benign internal tumors (fibroids, myomas, cysts, polyps, sebaceous cyst, etc.) with great efficiency. Whether the tumor is on a mucous membrane or in a muscle, the active ingredients of the herbal tea will do their job. Experience it and you will see the wonders of nature.

Note: We do the 3-month treatment at 300 euros, 400 dollars or 200,000 CFA francs. You will have all the herbal teas needed to dry out internal tumors in 3 months

Whatever treatment is followed, medical or natural, surgery or not, it is essential to review your lifestyle because the same causes always lead to the same effects. It is proven that fibroids operated on grow back in almost 85% of cases. No therapy, no surgery can replace a faulty lifestyle. Each woman must take charge of her health and live differently. Live in full awareness. Since excess estrogen is the main cause, it is important to reduce its external intake by adopting a correct lifestyle without tobacco, without pills, without a diet rich in growth hormone. Reduce or even eliminate animal fats. If you are obese then you need to reduce your weight. We must fight against stress with plants such as rauwolfia vomitoria, St. John's wort, kaya senegalensis. Facilitates venous circulation with the leaves of gingko biloba, fagara, blackcurrant, securidaca, etc. Reduce fibroids and myomas with plants like Tétrapleura tetraptera, Naucléa Latifolia, ficus gnaphalocarpa, securidaca longepedunculata, etc.

Product presentation for drying uterine fibroma

-Powder in transparent 100g sachet or liquid herbal tea in 1 liter jar.

Composition of the product to dry uterine fibroma

Plant extract.

Active subtances

-Astringent and absorbent tannins, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrinolytic heterosides, etc.

Price: 100 €

The therapeutic effects of the natural treatment of uterine myoma, natural remedy for drying out fibroids
Uterine Myoma Natural Treatment, Natural Fibroma Dry Remedy to eliminate all kinds of internal tumors. It is one of the best Natural treatments for clearing the uterus of internal tumors like uterine fibroids and uterine myomas. The treatment is almost 100% safe. The potion slowly and surely absorbs all internal benign tumors. The first effects are felt very quickly and this encourages you in the continuation of the treatment.

Indications for Natural Treatment of Uterine Myoma, Natural Remedy for Dry Fibroma

Fibroids, myomas, cysts, polyps, internal tumors.

Side effects

- bitter taste

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

Herbal tea 202: Myoma Treatment, Natural Remedy To Dry Fibroids

Remedy to dry up uterine fibroids, uterine myomas and ovarian cysts quickly. Valid for large fibroids. Find out about the remedy.

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