• Herbal Tea N°040 : Malaria, Malaria, constipation, hemorrhoids

    Malaria, Malaria, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. Plants have a good place in the treatment of malaria. Read the article to understand

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  • Herbal tea N°048: suppository for external hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids,Natural treatment to cure Hemorrhoids. You are on the verge of discovering a key remedy for Hemorrhoids. Be curious and patient

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  • Herbal Tea N°049: Cream to treat external hemorrhoids

    How can Hemorrhoids be treated naturally? Here you have the ideal solution to cure your hemorrhoids. It's a simple recipe within your reach

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  • Herbal tea 130: Detox circulation, arteries, veins, vessels

    A detoxification cure is mandatory every three months as a preventive measure of well-being. Discover the great blood purifier.

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