• Herbal tea 134: Incense Saint Michael, Peace, Protection

    Incense Saint Michael, Peace, security, protection, need for support and mental balance. Be curious and find out how everything can become pleasant to live in. The remedy is really natural and good

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  • Herbal Tea 132: Incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation

    Incense of Tibé, Good for peace, tranquility, meditation. We need to know more about the role of incense without apprehension.

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  • Herbal Tea 137 : Active Incense of Father Charbel, peace, love, health

    Incense of Father Charbel, Peace, love, mercy, radiance. Discover the wonders of an incense of peace and love.  How to change a situation.

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  • Herbal Tea 143: Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness.

    Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness.wealth, stability, spiritual matter, troubled sleep, need for inner peace. Discover what is possible.

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  • Herbal tea N ° 149: Active incense Saint Gabriel, the messenger

    Saint Gabriel, Incense Saint Gabriel, the messenger Useful for artists and creative minds. But all of them want to create, to pray, but cannot. Discover invaluable help.

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  • Herbal tea 150: Christian incense, Saint Benedict incense, Clairvoyance

    Christian incense, Saint Benedict incense, Clairvoyance, spiritual help. Many can benefit from the valuable assistance of this incense. Find out why.

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  • Herbal tea 169 :Novena to the Holy Spirit, Candle of the Holy Spirit

    Novena to the Holy Spirit, Candle of the Holy Spirit, please discover the virtues of this candle. Be curious and experience and you will see the wonders of God.

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