• Herbal tea 134: Incense Saint Michael, Peace, Protection

    Incense Saint Michael, Peace, security, protection, need for support and mental balance. Be curious and find out how everything can become pleasant to live in. The remedy is really natural and good

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  • Herbal tea 133: Active incense for washing, disenchanting

    Washing, protection, purification, relaxation and spiritual help. Please find out what incense can change your life. Precious spiritual help

    30,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal Tea 138: All-purpose incense, all-purpose incense

    Multi-purpose incense, All-purpose incense, Protection, purification... Let's learn more about the use of incense. This can help us in many situations.

    50,00€ excl. tax

  • Herbal tea 141:Incense from Benin against black magic

    Incense from Benin against black magic, protection, security, persecution. Discover this ancestral Beninese recipe. Don't be incredulous but be a believer.

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  • Herbal tea 151: King mages, Incense of the Three Kings.

    King Magi, Incense of the Magi. Manual. Adoration, meditation, protection, feeling of fear and insecurity. Please find inner peace.

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  • Herbal Tea 0159: Active Incense for Integral Security

    This incense protects places, homes, shops, workplaces, professional environments against the forces of evil. I take you to discover how it works.

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  • Herbal tea 171: Candle against witchcraft, combat candle

    Candle against witchcraft and for washing. If you have the feeling of being persecuted by a sorcerer then this traditional candle can help you.

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