Herbal tea N °012: Cream tonisex E (premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, etc)

Note: herbal tea N °12: Cream tonisex E premature ejaculation provides a hard erection like rock in a durable way with relationship and multiple orgasm .. But be careful, you do not cure premature ejaculation with a blow of wand and you Must follow the program of the series tonisex E with soap, ointment and powder tonisex E, because it is also necessary to tone the muscle pc and other key points by specific exercises contained in the program. It takes three months of treatment for a complete cure.


-pump in pot of 25g


-Extracts of plants . .

Shea butter , oil of nigella, clove oil, etc.

Active ingredients

- Calming, anesthetic and retarding tannins.

Price: 20 €

About the evil.

We must not confuse premature ejaculation with sexual weakness. You need sedatives rather than excitants. You should avoid the stimulants like hard alcohol, coffee, tobacco, hard drugs tone the pc muscle and learn to breathe well, I mean learn to contract muscle pc and control breathing (inspiration, retention, expiration ). If you have a newborn next to you, observe it and admire how it breathes and then imitate it to learn how to breathe better. Watch the little boys piss in jerks by contraction of the pc muscle The worries of this world have not yet modified their way of breathing and playing. The modern man no longer knows how to breathe properly and he does everything in a hurry. He no longer knows how to tone his muscle pc. When everything works well, there is no worries but our way of life challenges us at every moment by a lot of alarm bells. And instead of medicating, you have to think and rethink your life. Whoever manages to control his breathing has already overcome his problem of premature ejaculation. Our brain is too busy with the worries of this world, the work to be done, the fear of tomorrow and even in bed, the wandering spirit and the brain is no longer able to play its role of controlling orgasm. Our lives are overwhelmed. We have a lot to learn about how to breathe our pets and even how they play. To tell you that premature ejaculation is a problem of self management, sexual reeducation except cases of organic causes and I ask you to reread the headings premature ejaculation to avoid repetitions


Even if you know for certain that you are suffering, never forget that you are not a doctor because primary or secondary premature ejaculation can hide a more serious organic problem (prostatitis, prostate adenoma, varicocele, prostate cancer, weakness Pc muscle, diabetes, hypertension, depression, etc.). You should therefore consult your family doctor to investigate the root cause of your illness.

The therapeutic effects of soap.

The ointment reduces your sensitivity and delays ejaculation while increasing your libido. Indeed, the product is a local anesthetic and a sexual retardant. Once in contact with the penis and the penis, it softened the excitement at the level of the penis, thus insensitising the penis thus delaying your ejaculation because it is difficult for you to control your ejaculation or to reconcile your pleasure and that of your partner The erection remains well sustained throughout the period of the sexual act to allow the woman to happily reach her orgasm under your control. The effect lasts several minutes and you stay active for a long time and once the anesthetic effect is over and the sensations fully recovered, you can enjoy yourself in a relaxing sleep after a complete sexual act.


Premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction,etc.

Instructions for use :

Massage the brake, the glans and the penis, about 30 minutes before the sexual act. Success guaranteed without side effect. The ointment tones the penis, delays ejaculation, increases your strength and your performance over time.

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Herb tea N° 012: Cream tonisex E premature ejaculation 

Effective against the premature ejaculation,  sexual impotence.

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