Fight premature ejaculation naturally with an easy to use cream. The ointment to fight premature ejaculation releases an odor which stimulates the senses and acts in an olfactory way on the encephalic nervous centers thus exalting the sexual desires. By simply smelling the product, your sexual senses are stimulated and by its application on the penis, clitoris or vagina, we obtain a rubefying action causing an influx of blood from the genitals and a rise in sexual adrenaline, thus preparing your whole being for the carnal action. The rubefacient action activates the circulation of the blood at the level of the genito-urinary system by provoking the excitation of the genital organs as well in the man as in the woman. In case of impotence of psychic nature, its application on the glans facilitates the erection through the stimulation reflected on the nervous receptors. The ointment activates sexual secretions: prostatic fluid and semen in men and vaginal secretions in women. In case of sexual disgust the effect is really irresistible and the natural impulse will lead you irremediably towards your sexual partner. Good for couples who have lost the taste for sex. It unites couples and gives them the desire to be together again. If you have a walking husband, give it a try and I'll let you enjoy the rest.

Indications of the natural sexual stimulant cream

Decreased libido, dislike of sex, impotence, sexual weakness, lack of sexual secretion, insufficient semen, vaginal dryness, etc.

 How to use the Natural Treatment Sexual Impotence:


Spread some ointment on the penis and massage lightly, about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


Pass the ointment on the clitoris and in the vagina, about 30 minutes before the carnal act.

Note: The very fact of breathing the ointment excites you.

Herbal Tea N°027 : Natural Sexual Stimulating Cream,Natural Sexual Impotence Treatment

Note: Afrique-tisane N°027 : Cream tonisex R sexual stimulant facilitates the sexual enjoyment and the attachment between partner. Long-lasting relationship and good sex.

 Presentation: Ointment in jar of 15ml

Composition of the cream to Fight the premature ejaculation naturally

 -Extracts of 7 revulsive plants, rubéfiants, stimulants rich in plant hormones and pheromones.

-Virgin coconut oil, black cumin oil, sweet almond oil, etc.

-Phenolic acid, betaine, phytosterols, echinacoside, Gouro root

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Herbal tea N° 27 Sexual Stimulating Cream, Natural Impotence Treatment

Fight premature ejaculation naturally. The cream avoids the premature ejaculation and gets an erection hard as the rock. Good to discover

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Sexual Stimulating Cream Natural Impotence Treatment




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