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Natural Treatment Testicular Pain, Natural Remedy Orchites, but what are Orchites? The . Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles, often caused by viruses such as mumps and chickenpox.  If you suffer from orchitis then you will find a more effective treatment than almost any other remedy. It is a sovereign remedy against orchitis. Indeed, we offer you one of the most effective natural remedies against testicular inflammation. Please discover the herbal tea and get it without the slightest hesitation. The herbal tea is really effective against the evil.Instant healing. 

Natural Testicular Pain Treatment, Natural Remedy Orchids. We have developed ovules made from medicinal plants, bark, leaves, roots and clay to effectively treat orchids and testicular pain. The herbal tea is an anti-inflammatory rich in active elements. It is effective against the microbes and viruses that are mostly responsible for most illnesses, among others the mumps and chicken pox virus. Most orchids are the result of a serious bacterial or viral epididymitis that spreads to the testicle (orchiepidymitis).


-ointment in 20g jar


-Plant extracts

Active ingredients

--Strongly astringent, vasoconstrictive and depurative elements, tannins, flavonoids, etc.

  Price: 20 €.

The therapeutic effects

The therapeutic effects of the Natural Treatment Testicular Pain are immense. The Natural Remedy effectively treats Orchids. We have developed a good remedy to heal and cure orchids effectively in a short time. Herbal Tea 164 is antiviral and antibiotic. It is a Natural Treatment for testicular pain. Herbal Tea is a sovereign Natural Remedy against Orchids. This Natural Remedy treats Testicular Pain and is a more effective Treatment against Orchids. In the case of inflamed testicles it is the Miracle Remedy that is needed to cure Orchitis. The Natural Remedy is a Sovereign remedy against Orchids and a safer Natural Remedy against Inflammation of the Testicles.


Orchids, epididymitis, urinary tract infections, etc.

Directions for use : Read the leaflet

Herbal Tea 164: Pain in the testicles, Natural remedy Orchids

Natural Treatment Testicular Pain, Natural Remedy Orchids. The cream instantly treats orchids. Please discover the composition.

20,00€ excl. tax - 20,00€ inc. tax

Natural Treatment Testicular Pain More Effective Treatment Orchids Miracle Orchids Remedy Natural Remedy Sovereign Orchids Natural Remedy Testicular Inflammation Natural Remedy Orchids



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