Natural Hepatitis C Remedy
The Natural Hepatitis C Remedy that we propose to you to cure hepatitis C, definitively consists essentially of African plants of proven effectiveness.  The duration of the treatment is much longer than that of Hepatitis B with a certain cure in a short time. It destroys the viruses responsible for hepatitis and provides the antioxidants that help maintain the overall health of the liver. It is a miracle treatment for Hepatitis C.

Why La Tisane 280 Works for a Hepatitis C Cure
The Natural Hepatitis C Remedy is very effective, but why? Indeed, due to its composition, herbal tea 280 is rich in active ingredients of proven effectiveness against the virus responsible for hepatitis C. It contains antioxidant elements, which protect the liver, while the other elements act on the HCV virus responsible for Hepatitis C. The treatment provides immediate relief and a definite cure within a short period of time.  The depurative and diuretic elements facilitate the evacuation of neutralised viruses and toxins. If you are suffering from hepatitis B, act quickly and place the order immediately. You are satisfied or your money back and you have nothing to lose. 

Hepatitis C Virus and what to do about it 
Hepatitis C is a disease caused by a small virus called Hepatitis C Virus or HCV for short. It is a small enveloped virus, about 60 nm in diameter, whose genome is a linear, single-stranded, positive polarity RNA contained in an icosahedral protein capsid. Hepatitis C can lead to liver destruction and death. One of the few natural solutions is herbal tea 280. Please contact us to obtain it.

Understanding Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by a virus described above, which attacks liver cells and causes inflammation of the liver. It is one of the so-called viral hepatitis. This virus is present in the blood of an infected person and is one of the notifiable diseases. HCV is one of the viruses that cause acute hepatitis as well as chronic hepatitis. The risk of being attacked by the virus through a blood transfusion is minimal, but still possible. To eradicate this disease, the NGO Afrique Santé Bio invites you to click on this link for a natural treatment.

Causes and consequences of Hepatitis C
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is transmitted through the bloodstream and can be transmitted in the following ways:

during needle exchanges for the clandestine use of illegal drugs.
 during the use of non-sterile instruments and syringes for tattoos and piercings;
during the transplantation of an organ (kidney, liver or pancreas) received from an HCV-infected donor.
during a blood transfusion.
exchanging personal hygiene items such as razors, scissors, nail clippers or toothbrushes with an infected person;
during high-risk sexual behaviour (sex with multiple partners or without using condoms).
This virus is present in the blood of an infected person and is one of the notifiable diseases. It can stay alive for about 5 to 7 weeks in the open air. In the long term, there can be very serious consequences, such as cirrhosis and, in some cases, liver cancer.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C and Natural Hepatitis C Treatment
Most cases do not show symptoms. When symptoms do exist, they may include fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and yellowing of the eyes and skin. But they can also include the following:

Painful areas: abdomen

Gastrointestinal: bloating, fluid in the abdomen, nausea or bleeding.

Whole body: fatigue, fever or loss of appetite

Skin: yellow skin and eyes or a network of swollen blood vessels in the skin.

The treatment based on herbal tea 280 offered by the NGO Afrique Santé Bio not only eliminates all these cases of symptoms but also treats the disease from the root in three months of treatment. Hepatitis C can be diagnosed and cured with medicinal plants, please write to us. It is a remedy composed of medicinal plants, leaves, bark, fruits, and roots with antiviral and depurative properties. 

When liver cells are inflamed or damaged, they release more enzymes into the bloodstream than normal.  Examples of enzymes present in liver cells are alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase. In some cases, a liver biopsy may be performed to determine the extent of damage to the liver caused by hepatitis C. 

 Natural Remedy Hepatitis C
Presentation of the Herbal Tea 280: Natural Hepatitis C treatment

-Powder in sachet or 50g jar

Composition of Herbal Tea 280: Natural Hepatitis C Remedy

-Extracts of 9 antiviral, antioxidant, depurative and diuretic plants: Phyllantus amarus, cassia occidentalis, lannea, etc.

Active ingredients of the Natural Treatment Hepatitis C

-Antiviral, depurative, antioxidant tannins, etc.

Price: 30 €.

A Free Recipe Against Hepatitis C
-Garlic is useful in the fight against hepatitis C, both from the inside as part of the diet and from the outside as a soothing compress. In addition, it contains vitamins A and C which nourish the skin and improve its condition.

-For 5 months, drink a decoction of Cassia occidentalis leaves (false kinkeliba) and phyllanthus amarus, 100 g of each for a litre of water.

Herbal Tea 280: Hepatitis C Definition Cause Cause Natural Remedy Hepatitis C

Please to know more about Definition,cause,and natural treatment against hepatitis C.We offer you the best remedies to treat hepatitis C in short time.

30,00€ excl. tax

Natural Hepatitis C Remedy Natural Hepatitis C Treatment Hepatitis C


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