How to Treat Asthma Naturally?

Plants to cure asthma naturally. Herbal tea is a good remedy for asthma. It spares attacks and cures asthma in the long run. Anyone can use it as a healing remedy.
. Our herbal tea to heal asthma naturally is composed of bronchodilating plants. This natural asthma remedy quickly clears the bronchial tubes and purifies the lungs. The remedy is safe and eventually makes asthma attacks disappear. Whether you are a child or an adult; the treatment works 100%.  

Presentation of the Natural Remedy Plants to cure asthma naturally

-powder in sachet


-Extracts of 7 plants broncho dilators, vasodilators, emollients, stimulants and depuratives.

Active ingredients

Vitamin C, calcium, flavonoids, bi-flavonoids, antioxidant, etc.

Side effects

Spicy taste

Occasionally makes you give back to clear the chest and airways.

Price : 30 €

Plants to cure asthma naturally. Vitamin C and flavonoids help the body to fight effectively against viruses that attack the respiratory system while increasing the body's resistance to allergens (animal hair, feathers, dust, moisture, pollution, odor, perfume, etc. ...). In addition to making the nose run, the elements of the powder lighten and fluidify the mucus of the lungs, allowing better evacuation of the cough. The slow chewing of the powder aims first and foremost to clear the phlegm present in the bronchial tubes and to circulate it so that it can be evacuated by the cough. The powder instantly releases oxygen from the airways.


Asthma, bronchitis, asthma cough,

 Instructions for use :

Chew the powder at will; a few pinches are enough.

NOTE: Relief is immediate within minutes. It is a good remedy.

It is important to keep warm: hot bath, steam bath, hot inhalation, chest massage with the super balm or other such products.

- It is important to drink enough, take hot food and drinks that will circulate the mucus, as well as herbal remedies that will fight germs and prevent them from sticking to the mucus. Drink up to 3 liters of water a day and eat well spiced and spicy food.

Herbal Tea N°033: Asthma, natural remedy

Plants to treat asthma. The herbal tea spaces the gray and cures asthma in the long run. It is a good remedy that cures asthma in young children for good.

30,00€ excl. tax - 30,00€ inc. tax

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