Hemorrhoids, the natural remedy for hemorrhoids  

The cream absorbs inflammation. Good remedy for external and internal hemorrhoids. It is a remedy to have at home because you never know. Natural External Hemorrhoids Remedy Cream absorbs and heals inflammation.good remedy for stubborn cases of external hemorrhoids. It is the ideal treatment to get rid of all kinds of internal and external hemorrhoids. The treatment is safe.

Note: African-tisan N°049 : koko cream natural remedy external hemorrhoids absorbs and heals inflammation. Good remedy for the rebellious cases of external hemorrhoids.

Presentation of Herbal Tea 049: Natural Remedy Cream External Hemorrhoids

-ointment in jar


Absorbent, anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

Active substances

Anti-inflammatory tannins

Price : 20 €.

How to treat Hemorrhoids naturally with plants? Here is a cream that successfully treats hemorrhoids. It is a cream that I invite you to discover. The cream absorbs inflammation and heals hemorrhoids quickly Herbal Tea 049:Cream Natural Remedy External Hemorrhoids is rich in absorbing and reducing elements. It slowly and surely absorbs the anal tumor until complete reduction. Relief is immediate. The cream absorbs and heals the inflammation. Good remedy for the rebellious cases of external hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids, anal itching.

 Instructions for use :

Morning and evening, pass the cream in the anus on the ailment until complete healing.

Herbal Tea N°049: Cream to treat external hemorrhoids

How can Hemorrhoids be treated naturally? Here you have the ideal solution to cure your hemorrhoids. It's a simple recipe within your reach

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Internal Hemorrhoids External Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids



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