How can Hemorrhoids be treated naturally? 

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids naturally? 051 herbal tea is the best herbal tea solution to drink to treat hemorrhoids. But why does it work? The remedy activates the anal blood circulation, absorbs the bulges, increases the resistance of the veins and stops any bleeding. It is an excellent remedy for all forms of hemorrhoids. It purifies the blood, activates blood circulation, increases the resistance of small blood vessels, increases the tone of veins and stops possible bleeding caused by hemorrhoidal disease.

What treatment should I choose to eliminate Hemorrhoids? What should I do to cure my Hemorrhoids? Natural way or medical way? How can I treat Hemorrhoids naturally? How to get rid of Hemorrhoids naturally. You are in the best place to choose your therapy. Herbal tea 051 is the best solution. The remedy activates the anal blood circulation, absorbs the bulges, increases the resistance of the veins, stops any bleeding. Good remedy. Click on the image opposite to contact us


-powder in sachet or in jar of 50g.


Absorbent plant extracts, astringents, mild laxatives, antioxidants, etc.

Active substances

-Anti-inflammatory, astringent and antioxidant principles

   Price : 20 €.

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins (abnormal and permanent dilation of the veins) located around the anus following a long period of constipation or irritation or other. The causes are numerous but always associated with poor blood circulation and poor drainage of toxins.   Haemorrhoids are bothersome and painful, sometimes resulting in bleeding. This condition can be treated with herbal tea No. 051. Indeed, the herbal tea is rich in vasoconstrictive, vasculoprotective, venotonic, depurative, antioxidant and immunoreconstituting elements that increase the tone of the veins and facilitate the elimination of toxins with a good detoxification. The herbal tea thus activates circulation, tones the hemorrhoidal veins, completely absorbs inflammation, stops bleeding and swelling of the veins of the anus. It is a good treatment to heal hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids, chronic constipation, intoxication.

 Directions for use :

Boil a tablespoonful of the powder in one liter of water, let cool and filter. To keep at the cool. To drink half glass, 3 times per day. To add the juice of a quite ripe lemon to the catch. Three months of treatment renewable two to four times. Healing assured.

Note: Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, varicocele and venous insufficiency are all diseases related to the veins and it's all about the location of the inflammation.

Herbal tea N°051 : Hemorrhoids, constipation, liver

How to treat Hemorrhoids naturally. Here you have the best recipe. It's good for getting rid of hemorrhoids. Discover the solution

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How to treat hemorrhoids how to get rid of hemorrhoids



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