Epilepsy, convulsive diseases, how to cure?

How to manage an epilepsy patient? Can I find a natural remedy to treat a patient with seizure disorders? You have epilepsy and are looking for a natural solution, so please stay on this page and write to us without delay. You have all modes of communication throughout the page. We have a good treatment for you. Herbal Tea 053 is a good natural remedy for epilepsy and seizure disorders. It calms the nerves and facilitates a good relaxation. I will help you to discover the remedy that saves lives and will do you a great deal of good. It is a regulator of nervous flow and vital energy. It is an antiepileptic and anticonvulsive herbal tea. It regulates the internal electrical current. It is a good remedy for epilepsy of non-organic causes, herbal tea No. 053 treats epilepsy and convulsive diseases. The remedy calms the nerves and facilitates a good relaxation.


-powder in sachet or in jar of 50g.


Anti-convulsant plant extracts, antioxidant, etc.

Active ingredients

-Immunoreconstituents and antioxidants

 Price : 50 €.

-Herbal Tea 053 properly treats epilepsy and seizure disorders. The remedy calms the nerves and facilitates a good relaxation. Please read more

-Because of its great anticonvulsant, calming, immunoreconstituting and antioxidant power, this decoction regulates the internal flow, calms the nerves, avoids spasms... It clears the body of various toxins and protects the nerves and the entire nervous system. The pain will not disappear immediately, but the attacks will be well spaced out.

.the powder is a treasure trove of active elements that provides the body with all the precious micronutrients that nerves and muscles need to stay relaxed. It is a complex of plants that you will not find anywhere else, it is a food medicine (alicament). 


Epilepsy, depression, insomnia, convulsive illnesses, nervous breakdown,

Instructions for use :

Boil one tablespoon of the powder in one liter of water, let cool and filter. Keep in a cool place. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day. Add the juice of a ripe lemon when setting. Twelve months of treatment. Healing assured.

Herbal Tea N°053 : Epilepsy, convulsive diseases

How to treat epilepsy and seizure disorders. Please discover the cure for epilepsy. There are good recipes for epilepsy

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