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Epididymis cyst Risk Factor, Treatment Epididymis cyst plants, Epididymis cyst Risk Factor, How to treat epididymis cyst naturally, what is the natural treatment for epididymis cyst? What natural remedy epididymal cyst take? but what is an epididymal cyst? What are the risk factors for epididymal cyst? A cyst is a lesion or mass that develops within a tissue or organ. An epididymal cyst is a benign condition that can develop on at least one of the left or right testicles. They particularly affect children and young adults. An epididymal cyst is a particular cyst of one or both testicles. We have developed a special remedy for it. It is an herbal tea that eliminates the cyst within a few days of treatment. The remedy is infallible against testicular cysts, especially epididymal cysts. It is a sovereign remedy against epididymal cysts.

The two types of Testis Cysts

- the epididymis

Definition of the epididymis 

The epididymis (from the Greek epididumis) is an organ belonging to the male reproductive system located in the wall of the testicle. The epididymis has a structure that is essential for the maturation and transport of sperm. A cyst in the testicle can be the cause of male infertility.

 Epididymal cyst

Epididymal cyst is a solid or serous mass that develops at the expense of the upper part or head of the epididymis. One or more cysts may exist within the same epididymis. Epididymal cyst is a very common benign disease with no age limit.  From infants to the elderly, any man can suffer from it. A cyst in the testicle is a regular, painless swelling.

Note: A serous cyst of the epididymis containing fluid and semen is also called a spermatocele.

-Dermoid Cyst

Dermoid cysts of the testicle are benign tumours of the testicle, which are extremely rare.

Probable causes of testicular cysts

There are no particular causes for the development of a cyst in the testicles. However, diet remains the primary cause of many diseases.

More about the epididymis


Each testicle has its own epididymis which borders the upper and posterior side of the testicle. See the positon in the picture. Every normal man has two testicles and therefore two epididymides.

Structure of the epididymis

Each epididymis consists of an epididymal tube or canal averaging six metres in length, a head which originates on the upper part of the testicle, a body which is the intermediate part extending on the dorsal face of the testicle and a tail which is the last part extending through the vas deferens.

The Vaginal

The vaginal or vaginal tunic is an envelope in which the scrotum and contains epididymides and testicles with attachment points. Each epididymis is connected to a testicle by an upper and lower epididymal ligament. The epididymis is vascularised by the testicular arteries.  The vagina and scrotum protect the epididymis and testicles from shocks.

Sperm production

Spermatogenesis or sperm production takes place within the testicle. The sperm produced are collected in the epididymis where they mature. They are stored mainly in the tail of the epididymis but also in the body. The contractions of the epididymal muscle wall will allow the sperm to be transported to the vas deferens.

Symptoms of the presence of an Epididymal Cyst
The first signs of an epididymal cyst are mainly an increase in the volume of the scrotum and a weight at the bottom. The patient has the sensation of having a ball of fat between the thighs, usually accompanied by local discomfort.

Epididymis cyst, Spermatocele, Herbal treatment 
Epididymis Cyst Risk Factor, Natural Treatment Epididymis Cyst Plants to Heal an Epididymis Cyst or Spermatocele The plant treatment to remove a cyst from the testis works in the total elimination of epididymis cysts. You have a unique chance to remove a cyst from the epididymis without the risk of recurrence. We provide you with a potion to dissolve the testicular cyst within a week. Discover the recipe. It is a remedy that will save you the need for surgery... The remedy is infallible against epididymal cysts.

Treatment by Plants to eliminate an epididymal cyst or to eliminate a Spermatocele
 Epididymis cyst Risk Factor, Treatment Epididymis cyst plants. We offer you a good remedy that heals epididymal cysts quickly. We offer you one of the best natural remedies for cysts in humans at the moment. This herbal tea is composed of medicinal plants, roots, leaves, very reducing and absorbent bark. How does it work?

The therapeutic effects of the Epididymis, Spermatocele and Epididymis Cyst Plant Treatment.
The therapeutic effects of the remedy Epididymis Cyst Risk Factor, Treatment Epididymis Cyst Plants are infinite. You have in this potion a safe natural treatment against epididymal cysts. Indeed, the Potion absorbs the cyst from the testicles in a short period of time. The first effects can be felt very quickly with a clear reduction of the scrotum. This remedy made of leaves, roots and bark purifies the male genital tract. We then offer you a remedy made from medicinal plants which are useful for destroying and evacuating all forms of testicular cysts. It is a good herbal remedy for internal tumours and also treats all forms of internal tumours. Do not miss this unique opportunity. 


Herbal tea 178:Epididymis cyst risk factor,Epididymis cyst plant treatment

Epididymis cyst,Treatment by plants. It is the ideal remedy against testicular diseases: epididymal cyst, spermatocele, hydrocele, varicocele.

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