Incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation is highly activated incense to amplify its spiritual virtues of inner peace, cheerfulness, purity, security, calm, love, concentration and meditation. It is not vulgar incense at all, and active incense is very different from simple incense used to purify the air and sanitize the home. Use both versions and you will see the differences. Just as water or oil consecrated by an initiate or even a high initiate (priests, pastors, consecrated souls, voodoo priests, Gurus, religious, men of faith, etc.) is very different from tap water or commercial oil. A little burnt incense in a place can change a desperate life into joy that is to say a crisis situation in a situation of peace, a situation of divorce in reconciliation, a situation of anxiety disorder in peace and love . Anything is possible with a little lovingly activated incense, regardless of religion. Do not be incredulous because the well directed verb is God with love is all power and where there is a seemingly inevitable divorce, to reconcile the partners. Herbal Tea N ° 132: Active incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation, quickly soothes hearts and brings: inner peace, gaiety, purity, security, calm, love, concentration, meditation and mental health. Good for resolving desperate situations in the faith in God through the love manifested in a consecrated soul, in a pure spirit and par excellence embodied in Christ Jesus.

Herbal Tea N ° 132: Incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation


-powder in 50g sachet


Frankincense, resin, myrrh, benzoin, plant and mineral extracts

Active subtances

Frankincense, resin, myrrh, benzoin, plant and mineral extracts

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The therapeutic effects of incense.

Incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation is an important protector and purifier of the house. Purifying, calming and Antiseptic, it acts on the bronchi and neutralizes pulmonary infections. It is an odor fixative. It calms the mind and promotes meditation, concentration and contemplation. It helps to fight the excesses of all kinds, to calm the tension. It dispels depressive tendencies and dark thoughts, creates an atmosphere of calm and harmony conducive to prayer. It awakens enthusiasm, idealism and kindness. It promotes purification, righteous living, visions. It helps with personal growth and spiritual development.


Need for inner peace, concentration, tranquility, situation of competition and school or professional exams, need for help, need for inspiration, situation of fear, need for promotion, need for social advancement, need for justice, to avoid divorce, to avoid conflict, etc.

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Note: Active incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation can be used during prayer, meditation, to cleanse our minds of all doubts, bad thoughts and stress. Good in times of intense emotion and examination.

Herbal Tea 132: Incense of Tibé, Peace, Love, Meditation

Incense of Tibé, Good for peace, tranquility, meditation. We need to know more about the role of incense without apprehension.

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Incense of Tibé Peace love meditation health astral travel



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