Active incense of washing, désenvoutement is very effective for unbelievable, to bewitch a person possessed of an evil spirit, of a husband or wife of night, of a bewitch, etc. Good for destroying a spell, removing an evil spell, resolving desperate situations and freeing places, houses and shops plagued by witchcraft. Its use must be systematic in the houses because there are always spirits who wander in the houses or all around looking for easy prey. In a situation of loss of self-confidence, in a situation of insecurity, in a situation of persecution, in a situation of bewitchment or possession, the correct use of this incense will completely change your life. This is not fetishism or idolatry, but a matter of faith in the mercy of God. God is love and with a little faith in God by the way of Divine love you will reach the self, the higher plane of God where the spirit commands matter by the power of the word, of directed thought, of visualization and imagination. The only way which leads to God the "MAHU, the YAVE, the JEHOVA, the I AM WHO I AM" is the way of love, the way of charity and there is no other way for reach SELF. No religion has the prerogative of truth and only love is the universal religion revealed to all people according to their practice for thousands of years. The only religion of God is love and that is it. Let’s focus on love and charity and avoid religious wars. Practice love in the religion you have chosen and through your way of life be a living witness to the love of God. Do what you must do with love to advance humanity and you will find yourself in Heaven. We will all meet there with joy and love by the grace of God to serve the Almighty, the Supreme Creator, the one God of Love with many human names. Let us only do what is right with patience and love, let us be beings of light and hope.

Good for resolving situations of bewitchment in the liver in God through the love manifested in a consecrated soul, a higher entity, a prophet, a spirit and par excellence embodied in Christ Jesus. The more you practice love, the more your spirit is purified, the more you radiate, the more your aura surrounds itself with divine light and the closer you come to God without ever equaling Him.

Herbal tea N ° 133: Active incense for washing, disenchanting

Free, drive out evil spirits, wizards, night husbands, ghosts, wandering spirits, etc.


Powder in sachet of 50g


Frankincense, resin, myrrh, benzoin, storax, frankincense, sandalwood, gardenia, plant and mineral extracts, etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, resins, prayers and specific elements of positive vibrations

Price: 30 €

The therapeutic effects of incense.

Herbal tea N ° 133: Active incense of washing, désenvoutement unenchants, protects, promotes a sense of responsibility, consistency and fidelity. This incense protects against negative forces during sleep, promotes nap. It very effective against nightmares. Where our incense burns, no bird of ill omen can cross without falling to the ground. Burn our incense and be sure that your home is placed under divine protection. In addition to its protective nature of the place, our incense pleasantly perfumes the house, attracts a lot of positive vibrations: luck, love, clairvoyance, purifies wandering and lost souls. A child seems to be spellbound, praising the place to observe his instantaneous deliverance. It is a divine wonder that is not associated with any belief except your liver. Wandering and lost souls, evil spirits, the evil eye, etc. will have nothing more to do with you, neither in you nor around you.


Possession, spell, bizarre illness, night husband, ghost vision, nightmare, depression, need for protection, exorcism, night paralysis, night gun, feelings of insecurity, fear, loss of self-confidence, professional block, need for purification , need for spiritual washing, etc.

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

Herbal tea 133: Active incense for washing, disenchanting

Washing, protection, purification, relaxation and spiritual help. Please find out what incense can change your life. Precious spiritual help

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