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 Active Incense of Nazareth is a magnetic incense that promotes work and commercial activities. It develops communication and manual dexterity. This incense is useful in the search for commercial employment. In all things, in all circumstances, always rely on a pure spirit in your requests because pure spirits, living consecrated souls are always willing to serve. There are spiritual laws which do not depend on any religion except love and only love is the universal religion. Do not underestimate the role of the saints, the power of the saints, the power of living or dead beings who have devoted their whole life to love, charity, the divine cause, etc. Avoid idolatry, fetishism and do everything for love in order to glorify God. Everything is love, everything is attraction, everything is action and reaction, just as a man thinks in his heart, just as he is.
La Tisane N°136 : Active Incense of Nazareth

Note: The Herbal Tea N°136 : Active Incense of Nazareth is a magnetic incense useful for commercial purposes. It is effective for all operations concerning employment, work, promotion, trade, increase in earnings, manual skill, commercial success, etc....


-powder in bags of 50g


-Mineral and vegetable extracts

Price: 20 €.

The therapeutic effects of incense.

Herbal Tea N°136: Active Incense of Nazareth has a magnetic nature and attracts many positive vibrations. In Africa, we do not take into account the stars, planets and others. We rely a lot on the virtue of plants, appropriate sacred things, entities and everything is a matter of faith and belief. Plants act quickly and well and without detours.

 The Herbal Tea N°136: Active Incense of Nazareth acts as a magnet and encourages exchange in all its forms in couples and companies.  Relationships, whether personal or professional, are greatly improved: better understanding with your spouse, good relations with your colleagues and even your banker. By extension, this incense encourages obtaining a loan, a raise, a better social position, success in a job search, real estate acquisition. Good for young people who are looking for a job or who have to pass a job interview.

 The Herbal Tea N°136: Active Incense of Nazareth can be used in invocation rituals in order to encourage commercial activities. Those who benefit from its use see their ability to communicate greatly improved, and can more easily convince others. It is a welcome incense that promotes exchange in general. The active incense of Nazareth also helps to develop manual skills. When it is used during an invocation ritual, one should address one's requests to the Blessed Virgin Mary ci-possible.


Need for employment, work, promotion, business support, peace and love at home and at work,

 Instructions for use :Read the instructions

Note: If you need employment, work, promotion, commercial help, peace and love at home and at work, the Herbal Tea N°136: Active Incense of Nazareth will help you to reach your goal.  It is not fetishism or idolatry but a question of faith in God's mercy. From time to time, burn this incense and concentrate on your career, a possible promotion, your real estate acquisitions or your plans to raise your position and social elevation. The incense of Nazareth will strengthen it and harmonise you with the positive vibrations of Divine love.

Herbal tea 136: Incense of Nazareth. Properties and virtues.

Incense of Nazareth, incense for work, commercial business. This incense can help you to get out of precariousness. Please discover its mode of action.

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Work commercial business


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