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Saint Raphael incense, Long journey incense. The Holy Archangel is known to all as an Archangel of healing, deliverance of husbands by night, of travel and of protection. It was the Archangel Saint Raphael who assisted Tobias on his journey and who showed him how to use the gall and the heart of a Pisces to drive out the demon of death Asmodeus, dreadful Demon or night husband who killed out of jealousy all SARA's husbands. For more information, please read “Tobias” in the Catholic Bible. Thus, Herbal Tea N ° 146: Active Incense Saint Raphael brings healing, health, peace, deliverance, protection and purification. Apart from the basic elements that usually make up incense, this product contains key elements of protection and purification according to Beninese know-how to combat the forces of evil. Also good for long trips and for adventure.

I invite you to discover MORINGA the tree of a thousand virtues


-powder in 50g sachet


Vegetable and mineral extracts, etc.

Active subtances

Tannins, resins, prayers and specific elements

Price: 20 €

The therapeutic effects of incense.

Burn our incense Herbal tea N ° 146: Saint Raphael incense, Long journey incense, and be sure that your home is placed under divine protection. In addition to its protective nature of the place, our incense pleasantly scents the house, attracts a lot of positive vibrations and facilitates physical and spiritual healing. A child seems to be spellbound, praising the place to observe his instantaneous deliverance. It is a divine wonder that is not associated with any belief except your liver. Wandering and lost souls, evil spirits, the evil eye, etc. will have nothing more to do with you.


Protection, purification, healing, schizophrenia, phantom vision, nightmare, need for protection of a place, spiritual illness, long journey, claiming a debt, etc.

Instructions for use

Put a little powder on hot charcoal as usual.

Note: In a situation of doubt, bizarre illnesses, chronic illnesses, loss of self-confidence, in a situation of insecurity, in a situation of persecution, in a situation of bewitchment or possession, the correct use of this incense will completely change your life by bringing you healing, divine mercy, and peace of heart.

Herbal tea 146: Saint Raphael incense, Long journey incense.

Saint Raphael incense, Long journey incense, protection, long journey. Discover another ancestral wonder. Be curious, there is no Demon in these remedies.

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Saint Raphael incense Long journey incense



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