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Natural remedy to get respect, Product to Lead. Understand that plants have a hidden side and a visible side. They have a material side and a spiritual side like you and me and deserve our respect. It is the same breath of God that animates all living beings. God has given special properties to everything he has created, both spiritually and materially, and it is up to man to discover them and use them consciously without harming others. I was lucky enough to grow up in the village and to be initiated into this marvellous science by my late father. With the science of our fathers we can achieve great things.

The product we offer you is made of plants and special products that are quick to unite and give love. Experience it and you will be amazed. It has nothing to do with the devil and no one will cheat you. We have been deceived enough by making the devil see us everywhere in our practices. Africa has lost many useful recipes. We have been deceived enough to dominate us. We have been lied to and that is enough. Let us preserve the good things we have.


Lotion, powder, soap, etc.

Price: 50 € or 32500 fcfa


Need help to lead a group, need help to assert yourself, need for respect, need for consideration

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Free recipes to get respect


-Merremia angustifolia root ( Okpé do in fon and goun in Benin)

-Adansonia Digitata root or baobab root

-Scoparia dulcis leaves ( Vivi téton en goun)

-A clove of Lamb's lettuce pepper


Turn everything into powder . Mix with a soap of your choice or put in a perfume or incorporate into something for daily use. You can also simply drip the powder in the morning when you get up, at night when you go to bed or before you leave home.

Note: Ask a man of faith or a consecrated soul to pray over this. This is important unless you have been anointed yourself. Otherwise your preparation will have no effect.

Herbal tea 186: Natural remedy Product to be respected

A product to be respected, love, kindness, mercy. Plants and products that naturally give respect without falling into idolatry.

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authority respect love Product to make oneself respected.



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